Mr. Skip

1967 Chevrolet Camaro

Class: Top Doorslammer (5.79 and quicker)

Best Time: 5.63 @ 123 MPH (1/8 mile)

Engine: 565 cid BBC (Built by Mr. Skip), Holley 1250 Carburetor

TCI Transmission, Coan Converter, Ford 4.56 Rear End


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Bracket Masters Racing Team's 13th Annual "Fathers Day Classic" will be held at State Capitol Raceway, Highway 190, West Port Allen, LA on, June 16, 2018.

The Race will have the following classes; Super Pro, No-Box, Footbrake, Street, Motorcycle and Top Doorslammer, along with 3 classes of Jr. Dragsters. Test & Tune and Grudge Racers welcome.

Fathers Day Classic Flyer - June 16, 2018 - State Capitol Raceway


Get your Fathers Day Raffle Tickets from any member of Bracket Masters Racing Team. Tickets are $5.00 Each.

T-Shirts for the Fathers Day Classic are also on sale, $15.00 each.

See Mr. Skip for your tickets or T-Shirts.



YouTube Video's

Mr. Skip Tesrs At SCR - 3-25-2018

Testing Sidepiece (BG/BG) at SCR - 3-25-2018


Engine Maintenance

Saturday I did a hot valve lash check. Only a few were off just a little. I am getting close to the point where I must get new valve springs and have my lifters and rockers overhauled (Comp Cams). So far, there is no indication of any problems, but I want to be safe. I won't say how many runs, because I so not want others to use my numbers and blow up their engines:>)

I may run in the Summit IHRA race at SCR, Apr. 20-22, 2018, later this month. That may be my last runs before I take the top end apart. If it does not blow up first. Either way, this may be my last runs before the Fathers Day Classic, June 16, 2018.

I also put my Summertime jets back in, 981, which is just a little smaller than the 983 jets that were in there. The back is still 102.

Startup oil pressure was 74 psi!

April 8, 2018


Trying To Get NHRA Competition License (Renewal) at No Problem Raceway

Barbara, Reggie and I went down to NPR on Saturday to the Pro-Test and Tune. We were required to make 6 passes. Two 60' passes, Two 1/8 Mile passes and two all out passes. We were only able to get in the two short passes. This was not a "No Problem" day. The car did run very good all day.

We will complete the rest of the passes in the coming weeks, when we get a chance.

Low Oil Pressure!! (But No Panic!)

I have notices a steady decline in my oil pressure over the past few months. Nothing else seems to be wrong with the car. I am close to 300 runs on this overhaul, but there is no smoking and all temps. are good. In fact, the car has run some of its best times and MPH since switching to the new, taller, tires.

I suspected the problem to be the oil pressure gauge, or air in the line. Could it be main and rod bearing wear? I was determined to get to the bottom of the problem after making the license passes.

The normal (for me) pressure at cold start is, about 72 psi. When it warms up, 140-145 degrees, it may drop to 65-67 psi. That has been my normal since 1999 when the engine was new and was a 540 cid engine. Now it is a 565 cid, with the same lower end and oil pump combination. After coming home from NPR on Saturday, the oil pressure was only 38-40 psi, at 140 degrees F.. I called and talked to "Outlaw" and the first thing he said was, "It's a collapsed oil filter!"

I should have known that myself. Twice in the past, with this same engine, I have had this happen. We had the problem solved until I had the new headers installed and had to go with a different, shorter, design of a brand that I will not name. What I will say is, it was not a FRAM Racing Filter, which worked well until I ran out of room for it. Outlaw suggested I switch to the short, WIX Racing oil filter. It works like a charm!

I now have 73 psi at startup, cold, and after it is warm I have 66-68 psi at 145 degrees F, at 1100 RPM. That is excellent! I will most likely have to drop the left side header to change the filter, or install a remote filter setup, but for now, I am a very happy racer!

March 27, 2018


Friends & Family Day At Jordan United Methodist Church

We went to church last Sunday to a special program at my old church. The purpose of the program is to raise money for the church. Four- five families were designated to be in competition to raise the most money. The goal was $8K and they raised close to $7,500.00. Not bad for such a small congregation (<150 people reg. attendance).

The best part of the program was the singing and the message delivered by Rev. Edwards. He spoke on family relations, interaction between relatives and friends.

The sermon was so moving that I sat down and wrote a cousin that I had not talked with since 1991. A man that I had grown up with and who now lives in Denmark. I also called some other family members and some friends that I had not talked with for a long time. I got a call from a friend-girl (that's code for a good friend that just happens to be a girl that you never were involved with), and we talked for a very long time on the phone.

Last but not least, I called a friend that lives in West Florida and told him how much his friendship has meant to me over our lives. We are about the same age, played football in high school and were raised on the same street in Daytona Beach, FL. We have continued to visit each others homes over the years. While I went into the Navy, he went into government service (HHR) and he also worked for Florida A & M University in several capacities. I have always been very proud of all of his accomplishments and I thought it was time to let him know how I feel, before both of us check out of here. He was touched at my little speech and it became a mutual admiration society conversation.

Anyway, Rev. Edwards sermon really inspired me. I really like his style of preaching. Looking forward to our next visit to Jordan U.M.C..

March 21, 2018


Chassis Certification (NHRA) Complete

Mr. Skip Camaro passed another certification today. Now all I have to do is complete my NHRA License passes at No Problem Raceway later this month, hopefully.

Mr. Wesley, the NHRA inspector, has been inspecting my cars since 1989. Today he was teasing me about knowing me for "decades! When you say it like that, it seems like a very long time, and makes me feel old. There is a lot of respect for Mr. Wesley and the job he has done for NHRA and the racers for "decades". Keep up the good work!

The cost of racing is getting higher and higher each year. Chassis Cert. was $160.00, for 3 years. License and numbers will be at least $260.00 for 2 numbers for 2 years. It does include NHRA Membership and National Dragster, print and digital, a very large insurance policy. There are many other perks listed on

At least IHRA allows us to race with either a Chassis Certification from NHRA or IHRA. Saves some money.

March 10, 2018


Passing Of Darrell Williams - President of United Black Drag Racers Association (UBDRA)

March 7, 2018 - St. Louis, MO

Darrell Williams and the members of UBDRA helped Bracket Masters Racing Team and The United Black Racers of New Orleans get started with the first and 2nd “Louisiana Drag Classic” races, back in 2000. Their team bought 6-7 cars, including Darrell's 8 Sec. Nova, and a Pro-Mod, to our race. They also brought the first black Jr. Dragster driver to run at SCR (a young lady). He was a real good person, a real friend and visionary. He was dedicated to community service in the St. Louis area and their non-profit organization, UBDRA, contributed to many families and organizations in the city annually. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, they had at least two other organizations in different cities.

Darrell and the UBDRA were real trailblazers for many black racing organizations of the USA. “Black Sunday” is by far the biggest and best black drag racing event that has ever been given, and has survived for all these years. Barbara and I attended our first "Black Sunday" around 1997 and again the following year. Bracket Masters Racing Team and the United Black Racers of New Orleans, took 10-12 cars to their event for two years, 1999 and 2000. Several racers from the Baton Rouge and New Orleans area have attended over the past 20 years.

Black Sunday 2018 will be, Sept. 7-9, 2018, at Gateway Motorsports Park. 700 Raceway Blvd., Madison, IL 62060
Just 5 Minutes from downtown St. Louis

Photo from Gateway Motorsports Park Site


Please keep Darrell Williams, president of the United Black Drag Racers Association (UBDRA), and his family in you thoughts and prayers. Mr. Williams passed away today.

Mar 7, 2018


Bracket Masters Racing Team's 13th Annual "Fathers Day Classic" will be held at State Capitol Raceway, Highway 190, West Port Allen, LA on, June 16, 2018.

The Race will have the following classes; Super Pro, No-Box, Footbrake, Street, Motorcycle and Top Doorslammer, along with 3 classes of Jr. Dragsters. Test & Tune and Grudge Racers welcome.

First Points Race of 2018 @ SCR - 2/24/18

Not many cars were there, most likely because of the weather, but a good time was had by just about everyone.

I drove the car and qualified #11 out of 17 cars. I went out in the first round on a red light. The car ran a 5.63d9 on a 5.63 dial-in and went straight as an arrow. That was on me. I still need seat time to get my lights and electronics coordinated.

Our only changes from last season is the switch to Renegade 116, from 114, and a very small front jet change from 98(1) to 98(3). I cannot see a difference yet. Mainly due to weather and track conditions not being the same. We have not equaled our best times on Sunoco 114 yet. With the warming up of the weather, I am going back to the 981, or smaller[96(2)] jets in the front.

"Outlaw" had knee surgery on 2/28/18. He is home and and doing very well. He is on crutches for about a month. He will be able to drive in a few weeks. A complete recovery is expected. Please pray that Kevin is back with us shortly.

March 1, 2018


Cars, Cars, Cars and more Cars: SCR Test & Tune

Like hundreds of other drivers around South Louisiana, Sunday was our 2nd chance to get out on the track this preseason and get some practice. It was my first time at the track since mid-November.

Right out of the trailer, the car clicked off a 8.85 @ 153 MPH (5.65 @ 123 in the 1/8). I was very happy! The car went straight and with the exception of not being told it was a .500 pro-tree, everything was great. Until I got home and looked at Barbara's video, I did not understand what happened (why the car did not leave). Anyway, all went well the rest of the day. The 2dnd pass, I had a little spin off the line, was a 8.91 @ 122 MPH (5.70 @ 122 MPH). It's all good!

There were so many cars, I only tried to get two passes before calling it a day. I have never seen that many cars out for a test & tune. There were lots of motorcycles too. Mustang's and Camaro's all over the place.

Outlaw is still recovering from his fall in October last year and will not be available to drive. When he does come back, his truck will be ready for him to drive.

Mr. Reggie Jackson [Jackson & Jackson Racing (Mopar Dragster)] has agreed to get into the drivers seat of the "Mr. Skip" Camaro for this season. We will start our practice sessions this coming Friday at SCR. Reggie is a very fast learner and I know he will be a good replacement for Outlaw. Reggie and I have been friends and worked together for over 35 + years. Reggie has always been considered a member of Mr. Skip Racing Team. Thanks for taking the challenge Reggie!

I plan to drive in Top Doorslammer this Saturday and in the Iron Man race in April. There is another Test & Tune on Sunday, maybe we can get some test runs in then.

Feb, 19, 2018 (My oldest child, Cynthia, Birthday)

Edited: 2/20/18


Congratulations to All SCR 2017 Track Chan pinions and 2nd and 3rd Place Winners!

Barbara and I attended the 2017 Awards Banquet last night. We attended as representatives of Bracket Masters Racing Team.

I was happy to see the Top Doorslammer Winner, Keith "Youngblood" Veal. Second Place was, Jessie Marceaux and 3rd Place was "Bubba" Rhine. Congratulations to all my class competitors.

Wayne Henry won Super Pro (again) and Mike Nicholl won Quick 16.

Top Doorslammer is where my car has run for the past few years, since the class was established. "Outlaw" will not be available to drive this season, so I will go back into the drivers seat. This will be a real challenge, after not driving, except for occasional testing or a round or two, for the past 5 years.


Rain, Wet, No Racing!

we are in the middle of Louisiana's wet season, which just happens to be also Mardi Gras season this year. The parade goers are having to dodge raindrops and us racers are just looking up to the sky and wanting to get on the track for some time trials. Some have new combinations to work out, some of us, like me, just want to practice on the lights and get ready for the start of the season.

Feb. 12, 2018


Skip & Barbara Visit Houston Auto Show

Last week this time, Thursday night, we were just settling down to a wonderful seafood dinner in Beaumont, TX after walking around NRG Arena in Houston all day. We had a very enjoyable time at the show. This was our third time going and each visit is better than the last. They always have something new or different on display in addition to the new cars and concept cars of the future.

This time it was the super Jeep display. It took up about 15% of the display floor. Spectators and actual riders were treated to a actual obstacle course of very, steep hill climes, rocky surfaces, tilts that would put a normal car on its side and many other treacherous paths. The had almost every model of Jeep participating in the ride. It was very impressive (and probably sold a lot of Jeeps!) The admission to the ride was free. (Jeep Photos)

For the 1st time, you could sign up for on-site test drives in the make and model of your choice (most makes participated). This was right off the NRG Arena floor.

They had three other sections of the floor dedicated to vintage cars. The new cars took up the rest of the space. See Photos below.

When I was a little kid, every year my father would drive me to each dealership in Daytona Beach and I would get a new car brochure for that year. I pasted each model in a large album and kept it all year. I was a car nut at a very young age. I still cannot get enough of cars!

Here in Houston was everything in one place and you could get in, sit down, adjust the seats, mirror and look at and feel the upholstery. We had a ball. Barbara had as much fun as I did. One of our very first dates, in 1985, was to a car show in the Centroplex in Baton Rouge.

The show is around the same time each year, 3rd or 4th week in January, for4 days. Military Veterans got in free in the first day. We paid $1.00 each on the 2nd day! Regular admission is $12.00 with many discounts and free tickets available from area auto dealers.


Feb. 2, 2018


Ronnie Jackson, Jr. is better! Prayer Works!

Ronnie is in Rehab and is doing much better.

I just found out that Ronnie Jr. was the paint designer on Morreo's new Pro Mod. The painter did the final tweak on the paint job. Congratulations to Ronnie and to Morreo on the fine machine.


The 1250 Holley Carburetor is Back On The Engine

I will try to start up tomorrow to test my work. It seems to be working just fine right now. As a backup, I left the helper spring on the rear butterfly return. Nothing like extra insurance.

I also changed the front jets from 981 too 983. The backs are 102's. I removes the distributor cap and checked everything inside and used a little sandpaper on the tip of the rotor and all the posts.

Jan. 22, 2018


Visit to Jordan United Methodist Church - Jan. 14, 2918

Yesterday Barbara and I decided to sleep in and not to attend our church, Shiloh M.B.C., that starts at 7 am each Sunday. Jordan UMC starts at 11:00 am. As cold as it was, 25 degrees at 7 am, we just could not pull ourselves from under the covers.

This was the best service we had attended in years! Jordan has a new pastor, Rev. Hadley R. Edwards, from New Orleans, LA.

Sunday was the churches day to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday, and celebrate they did! The combined choir did an excellent job on several songs, including a Prayer Chant version of, "I Don't Fee No-Ways Tired", that I just loved.

The Pastor is a fiery young man, about 60 years old, and he is very, very outspoken. He is not your normal, low key, by the book, Methodist Minister! Far from it!

During the service, Rev. Edwards talked about the loss of many of the gains that minorities had made during the past few years. Gains that people marched for, went to jail for and lost lives over.

Brandon Kelly, son of former Baton Rouge City Councilman, the late, Charles R. Kelly, recited the complete speech that Dr. King delivered to a young high school class, just a few weeks before his death. The speech was about being the best at whatever you are doing: "If you are a Street Sweeper, be the best street sweeper that you can be"!

The Pastor also took out his cel-phone and played the complete "I Have A Dream" speech for the congregation. Every on sat in complete silence while we listened.

I was a member of Jordan United Methodist Church until 2007 and had been a Methodist since I was a teen, over 55 years. This experience was the best church program service that I had ever attended. I have heard better sermons and better singing but the combined experience of yesterdays program was the best. I will be visiting Jordan again, real soon!

Jan. 15, 2018 (Celebrating Dr. M. L. King, Jr. Day)


All is well with the computer. I changed back to a PC. The Mac is great, but just not for the purpose that I am using it for. I use too many programs to produce my sites that the Mac will not run. There are other programs for the Mac that will do the same thing, but I would have to purchase them and learn how to use them. At this point in my life, it is not worth it.

Jan. 15, 2018


We are changing this web site over to another computer. This may take a few days. (Done - 1/15/2018)

Jan. 13, 2018


Please be in prayer for Ronnie Jackson, Jr. He is in ICU at OLOL Hospital.

Tarrus Jones' family needs prayers also. This past two months has been very hard on many of our families, including mine. We are all in need of prayers.


I did go out and start the car today, then I removes the carburetor to see is I could fix the problem with the back butterflys not closing all the way. It is soaking in carb. cleaner now. I will work on it in the next few days.

Jan. 10, 2018!


Vacation At Hilton Head Island, SC

Barbara and I had a very nice vacation and shopping trip to Hilton Head Island.

Most of the time was spent off the island, over on the mainland at Bluffton, SC at their two Tanger Outlet malls, looking for that special gift for family and friends.

Unlike most men, I like to shop for nice gifts. The joy it brings me to see how much the receiving person enjoys my selection is worth all the time and effort.

We also took a side trip to Beaufort, SC, about 32 miles NW of Hilton Head Is. It was a very good selection and we will return. Most East Coast Marines will know where this is, just a few miles from the Marine boot camp at Paris Island, SC.

The vacation was very relaxing. While Baton Rouge and most of Louisiana had snow, we missed all of it and had a lot of rain for the middle three days of our trip. We had excellent traveling weather on the way back.

Barbara was driving when we left, and decided she wanted some Georgia Pecans. We took a side trip to a little place called Eaton, GA, where we spent almost 2 hours talking to Rev. Griffin, pastor of two small Baptist churches in the area. This side trip was the most interesting part of our trip.

When Barbara went into a Wal-Mart to ask if they sold Georgia Pecans, she got into a conversation with Rev. Griffin and he said, "I sell pecans"! Now what are the odds of that happening? When she found me outside the store, she told me we were headed to Eaton, GA to get pecans. We had already been off the planned route for about 45 min. and Eaton was another 30 miles, in the wrong direction!

Rev. Griffin met us and had 12 bags of most beautiful pecans you have ever seen. We purchased 3 bags, about 1.5 lbs. each, for $21.00. Worth the trip! Rev. Griffin is also a real estate man and a farmer.

Rev. Griffin, true to the Baptist minister that he is, gave us a mini-sermon (it was Sunday) on, "Eating properly, the value of organic foods, budgeting according to your financial status and the old fashion way to properly raise your children ".

So you can see why we had a two hour side trip! It was very enlightening. Plus we got our pecans! The next time we are in the area, we will tour Rev. Griffin's farm. Rev. Griffin said his collard green leaves are as big as Tobacco leaves.

Dec. 15, 2017



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