Mr. Skip

1967 Chevrolet Camaro

Class: Top Doorslammer (5.79 and quicker -1/8 mile)

Best Time: 8.58 @ 154 MPH (1/4 Mile) and 5.63 @ 124 MPH (1/8 mile)

Engine: 565 cid BBC (Built by Mr. Skip), Holley Ultimate 1250 Carburetor

AFR Heads (CNC), TCI Transmission, Coan Converter, Ford 4.56 Rear End


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Spring/Summer 2019

Review of Year 2018


Bracket Masters Fall Race - Sat. Oct. 5, 2019

The 1st Bracket Masters Fall Race will be run at State Capitol Raceway on Saturday, Oct. 5, 2019. Gates open at 8:00 am, Jr. Dragsters start at 9:00 am, Big Cars start at 1:00 pm. See Flyer for details.


Grandparents Day for Jamori & Tray

"Granny" Barbara helped two of her great-grandsons celebrate their Grandparents Days at their schoole on Sept. 11-12, 2019. Both boys had a good time and Granny enjoyed having lunch with the boys.


Sept. 13, 2019


Now That All The Family/Church Duties Are Done... for now.

I have been ready to race and test for the past month. I hope to get out there this Friday night and blow out the cob webs. We did well the last time out and expect to do better this time out. We are looking forward to the race on Sept. 14th. I hope to get a few rounds of testing before that race at SCR.

Veteran's Day Parade In Port Allen

EMCM(SS) Oliver A. Holbert, Jr. (Mr. Skip) has been selected to be one of two Grand Marshall's for the annual Veteran's Day Parade in November 2019 in downtown Port Allen, LA.

I am honored to even be asked to submit an entry for the honor. I enjoyed my 24 years in the U. S. Navy and serving my country. As many of you know, I was in the Submarine Service and served on two WW II subs and 5 nuclear powered submarines. I was trained as a Nuclear Electrical Operator and Engineering Watch Supervisor. I also served as the periscope photographer on two of those submarines during the Vietnam War. I retired a Master Chief Electricians Mate (E9), qualified in submarines (SS), in 1980.

My name was submitted by Port Allen City Councilwomen, Charlene Gordon. Thank you for the honor of being asked to submit an entry.

Sept. 3, 2019


Mrs. Barbara Celebrates Her 71st Birthday!

Most of the family, and a few friends, came over to help Barbara celebrate her 71st birthday on Sunday.

Barbara says, "God has blessed me with good health, a loving and supporting family and I am so blessed to be alive!"

It was not suppose to be a party, but Mr. Skip, with the help of the family, pulled it off. Thanks to Cheryl, Shelia, Kevin and neighbors for helping us to celebrate Barbara's birthday.


Sept. 1, 2019


Rained Out!

As I came through the gate, it started to sprinkle. By the time I parked, it was raining. I have my first Rain Check of the year.

I had made one change. I changed the back carburetor jets from 100's to 98's, which makes it 98 square. All the plugs were removed and compared, side-by-side, and the gaps were checked at .040". I also cleaned them all while they were out.

Maybe this coming weekend I may get to test my changes. If everything is OK, that will be my last time out until the race at the end of September.

There are two Index and Grudge Races in August at SCR hat I may attend. I may try to force myself into the 5.0 sec. class. I would need a cool night a MUCH Favor!

No Problem is closed until the 13th of Sept. I may venture down there for some action.

Sept. 3, 2019(update)


Friday Night At The Track!

The night started out with a flat on my trailer, just as we arrived at the track. That was the worse thing that happened all night. Things got nothing but better after changing the tire.

Outlaw arrived just in time to change the trailer tire and then helped get everything ready to start testing. I decided to let Outlaw drive, although I really wanted to drive myself.

What I really wanted was some good photos and video of the car from the front and the back, and I decided I could do that best. Barbara took some shots from the stands and from the spectators stands, which came out good. I got some from the starting line, right next to the car and from the photographers pad, right in front of the car when Outlaw ran in the left lane. Reggie got one good video from the back of the car while I was doing the front. Between the three of us, we got all the angles.

The first pass was suppose to be an easy pass, just to get the "new" off the new M/T slicks. Outlaw had a good burnout and then ran a 5.89 @ 120 MPH. Real good for what was suppose to be an easy pass.

The second pass was a little better at, 5.71 @ 121 MPH. The Temp. at the time was 84 degrees @ 77% Humidity.

Our third and final run was a 5.68 @ 121 Mph. Temp. 80 degrees, Hum. 86%. The tires were starting to come around. The first 60' time was, 1.366 and the final run 60' time was, 1.281 sec. on a Friday, after only three passes! I was very, very happy!

All my changes must have been in the right direction. I did take two EGT readings, 2nd pass on #6 exhaust was, 1208 degrees F. The last pass EGT was, 1200.5 degrees F (too rich). Next time at the track I will measure #8 EGT, and maybe #7, which is one of the leanest cylinders right now. I want all of them to be in the 1350-1450 range. Too bad I don't have a MSD Programmable Digital 7 Plus.

July 20, 2019


Mounting Slicks

My favorite tire place, AWT on Airline Highway in Baton Rouge, has stopped mounting or balancing slicks. I had to go to two other places before I could fine a place that would mount my M/T 32 X 14 x 15s slicks. Mounting was not the big problem. The balancing was the major obstacle. The hood that goes over the tire when it is spinning on the mounting machine was not wide enough.

My good friend, Reggie Jackson (Mopar Dragster), took care of the balancing for me. He has a simple bubble balancer that works real good. Thanks Reggie!

Weights! The package of stick-on weights cost $56.00 before any discounts. I ended up paying $46.00 for the box of weights. It was enough for 6-10 tires.

The man at the store said, last month these weights were $36.00. The Tariffs have pushed a lot of items up in cost.

July 18, 2019


Working On Car, (Spoiler Alert), Getting Ready For October Fall Race!

The car is on jack-stands so I can roll around and fix the leaks that were suppose to be fixed in January.

Having the car up on the stands served another purpose too. Hurricane Barry would have had to another foot higher to reach the bottom of the engine. We were blessed that we did not get any water on our street or in any of the homes in our area. Thank God! The predictions caused everyone to take precautions. For us, that included leaving home for one night and putting all our important papers up as high as we could get them, or taking them with us. It will take Barbara and I a month to put the house back in order. We did find a lot of junk in the house and in my shop that went straight to the garbage can, and a lot more that will be headed that way shortly. I also see some things that should be stored up high, and some that are high that should be low because it would not matter if those items got wet.

Now, about those leaks. The rear end gasket on the chunk drain plug was part of the problem. I also had two nuts that were not tight, under a mound of "The Right Stuff".

I think I still have issues with #8 exhaust valve seal, or the valve guide on #8 valve. The smoke has been reduced a lot, but the spark plug is still considerably blacker than any of the other plugs. Number 6 plug is the next darkest, but not to the extent of #8.

I installed my old EGT thermocouple in #6 exhaust tube, just as it exits the head. I also made provisions to shift it over to #8 exhaust tube, and to seal the hole in #6. A couple of good passes should tell me the condition of both cylinders.

New Slicks! I have gone back to my favorite brand (M/T) and my normal size, 32 x 14 x 15s. The tires that came off were 33 x 15 x 15s, Hoosier's . They still have ware holes showing and are in good shape. Less than 100 runs. The first $100 can take them away.

Set this date aside: October 5, 2019 at SCR. Cars should run quick in the cooler weather, drivers and spectators will be very comfortable, and we should see some good numbers.

July 17, 2019


The Race Was A Huge Success!

Racers, Spectators and everyone that, including the staff of State Capitol Raceway, we would like to thank you for making our race a success! We would like to THANK GOD for providing a rain free eliminations. We had one brief shower around 2:00 pm that did not hurt anything.

To everyone, thanks for coming. See you next year for our 15t annual Fathers Day Classic.


Car Ran Very Good!

The changes were all in the correct direction and the car ran excellent and Outlaw's driving was SUPER!

Our intent was to make one exhibition pass in the car on Saturday, but in the first qualifying time trial for Top Doorslammer, Outlaw's starter broke and my backup starter would not fit his block. At that point, I asked Kevin if he would like to drive the Mr. Skip Camaro in Top, in place of his car. We talked to "A.J." and we only had to change the number on my car.

On the #2 Top qualifying run, we had a 5.745 @ 121 Mph to get into the field. Even though we were the bottom car on the ladder, we were happy. As usual, we had to run "The Lizard" (Bubba Rhine) again. Seems like SCR loves to pair us with Bubba every time we run. This time, Bubba beat us when Outlaw had a -.001 red light, he also broke out with a 5.70 on a 5.72 dial-in. Air temps. were in the low 90's at the time of the run. This was very good for us.

We bought back into Super Pro and won in round 2. Outlaw had an excellent light and ran dead on his dial-in. In round 3 we ran another dragster and Outlaw had a better light, we did not run our number and the dragster powered past us for the win, about .025 MOV. We tried hard, and it was a very good day!


June 22, 2019


Fathers Day Classic Flyer - June 15, 2019


2019 Fathers Day Classic T-Shirts, Sold Out!

Bracket Masters 2019 T-Shirt


The Car Is Ready For The Fathers Day Classic (more changes)

I changed the oil from the regular fossil fuel oil too Mobil 1 Synthetic 20W-50. I put on a new WIX Racing oil filter.

I also changed the rear jets from #98 too #102 *#98 front). I know that is not the correct way to go in the Summer heat, but the 98/102 combination has worked for the past three Summers.

I also changed the launch RPM from 4200 down too 4000. I had run 3800 launch RPM for the past three years, and only changed it for this new cam (Oh, bye the way, I do not like this cam, first time in over 3 years that we did not qualify for Top Doorslammer [5.79 or less] in the heat). The higher launch RPM was not working for the car. Next step is back too 3800 RPM.

The rear shocks had been changed from 12 clicks, for the past two years, up to 14 clicks (softer). Now they are back at 12 clicks on the compression setting (bottom).

Earlier in the week I had checked the #8 and #6 spark plugs. Outlaw had suggested we swap them at the track last Friday. They looked about the same, so I swapped them back to the way they were. The plug wires have the correct ohm meter reading (40 - 50 ohms/ft), plugs and distributor cap are in good condition.

Whatever happened to, "One Change At A Time."? How will I know which change worked? Well, as you can see, we are moving back to what was normal, or baseline, last year.

I got a Text Message from my friend, Wallace Keese, over at Fort Valley State University in Georgia. He told me to hang in there and not to give up! Very inspiring from an old friend. Thanks Wallace!

June 8, 2019


Retirement On The Horizon?

I took the car out to SCR on Friday, May 31, 2019, and the intention was to make a couple of time trials and to run in the $$$ Bracket. Outlaw was at the track and I asked him to drive the my car again. We made one time trial and it rained and we put the car in the trailer and left it there so we could run on Saturday.

Saturday was a good day, weather wise, and since Outlaw had his car, I decided to run my car.

The last time I drove was back in October of 2018. The rust and cobwebs were everywhere! The most telling moment came when I could not get the car to do a good burn-out during the first time trial. I did not know it, but other cars had the same problem, not enough water in the water box area. I went to the line and turned on the first bulb, but I thought I had two bulbs on, and I raised my RPM. Everyone at the track was waiting on me to turn on the second bulb! The starter came up and waived to me to turn on the 2nd bulb. I backed out and did it over again, this time turning on both bulbs. I was totally embarrassed. So much so that I did not push the accelerator all the way to the floor and did not have a good run. The car did go straight.

After that I went back to the trailer and was about to give it up for the day, but Barbara suggested I ask Eddie Fisher to drive. He did not have his car out there and the cars are very much alike (His car is my old Camaro). We found Eddie and I asked him to drive. He was shocked! He did not want to do it, but between myself, Barbara and Outlaw, we talked him into it.

Fisher made one more time trial and got ready for his first round of Top Doorslammer. I had run a 5.81 and in his time trial, he ran 5.82. Not good enough to qualify so we had to dial at least 5.79, or go back to Super-Pro. I choose to stay in Top and because it was getting cooler, we dialed 5.78 for the first round. Fisher had a "red light" in the first round and we bought back into Super-Pro anyway.

In the Super-Pro, Buy-Back round, Eddie won when his opponent turned on the Red Light. Good thing because we ran a 5.745 on a 5.75 dial-in. We lost in the next round due to several factors, but we had a good time.

What do Brett Farve, George Foreman and Mr. Skip Holbert have in common? We all thought we could win one more time like, Tiger Woods and Payton Manning!

June 7, 2019


Friday At State Capitol Raceway (No Prep) May 24, 2019

If I had known about the "No Prep", I would have stayed home, but in the end, I was happy that I tan the car. We learned a lot and it gave us a baseline to work from (more changes coming!).

The car ran good and it ran straight. Not what I expected for "No Prep". Outlaw ran a 5.757 @ 121 MPH; 2nd pass, 5.728 @ 1121 MPH; and the last pass was, 5.725 @ 121 MPH. Our best 60' time was 1.317 sec.. Very consistent (Not as quick as last time out with the timing at 40 degrees. It is now at 36 degrees.

We still have the smoking issue, mostly from the passenger side exhaust. I have talked to Reggie Jackson a lot about that problem and I talked to Jr., out at Womack's Block and Head. Between the three of us, we came up with a troubleshooting plan. Jr. wanted me to remove the carburetor and look at the intake runners for oil. He also wanted me to inspect the exhaust valve seal on #8 exhaust valve. I had inspected all 8 plugs and found 1, 2, 3 & 4 in good condition, burning very good, if not on the lean side. Plugs 5, 6 & 7 were a little dark, or rich. This inspection was not at the end of the track after a run, but after the car was loaded and back in the shop. Number 8 plug was black and had oil on the tip and threads. I pushed a paper towel down #8 intake runner and all I got was a little black soot. No oil.

Looking into the intake did not give us any solution, and the valve seal on #8 looked the same as the seal on #2, which was burning good.

Reggie suggested I look into the breather for the passenger side of the Evacuation System. It was full of oil. That breather is also located on the back side of the valve cover. The driver side is in the front of the valve cover. I drilled a new hole (taping the bottom of the valve cover to capture the saw dust and chips) and relocated the breather to the front of the valve cover. The old hole was plugged. I also put a new breather on that side.

I put a new plug in cylinder #8, gapped at .035" to match the others.

I will run it like that this weekend. The next step is to remove the intake and replace the intake gaskets.

May 30, 2019


Finished Making Changes

Now you know that's a big lie! I can't wait to make a few passes so I can make some more changes.

Today I changed spark plugs. I put a fresh set of NGK -8 (cold) plugs in it, gapped at .035". I have a new set of NGK -7 (hotter) plugs waiting to go in next week.

I got my timing down to 36 degrees, from 40. No modifications to the crank trigger. Part of the problem was the "Rotor Phasing" of the rotor to the #1 plug. I thought I had done this when the engine was rebuilt, but it was missed. (Mr. attention to detail) The rotor was off by a few degrees. I had to drill a hole right behind #1 post on the new distributor cap so I could see the rotor. Then I shot it with the timing light connected to #1 plug wire. You can see the rotor pointed directly at #1, if it is correct. In my case, it was off by a few degrees. I unclamped the distributor and aligned it correct then put a piece of electrical tape over the hole. This tip came from a old book on "How to set up performance ignition systems". It was put out by MSD back in 2007. After the rotor phasing, then you have to reset the timing at the crank trigger. As I said above, it is now right on 36 degrees.

The car starts instantly! Runs better too. It is super responsive. I don't have my little cackling sound, but I'm not far off. With all those changes, it's going to be like going out with a fresh engine. Not to mention the chassis changes and alignment. Make that a fresh car!

I tried again at stopping a small drip from my rear end drain plug and a unknown spot on the left side of the chunk. "The Right Stuff" was called into action again. "Pity the fool" that has to get it apart!

May 23, 2019


Sometime You Just Have A Feeling...

I looked forward to racing this weekend for a few weeks, but decided not to go Friday night or Saturday. To me, the car has not been running right since the rebuild of the engine. From the initial startup and all the runs at the track. Things like the smoke from the exhaust and the kickback from the starter and smoke out of the carburetor on initial start each time. Plus, I could never get my signature "rhythmic" sound from the valve train that I always get after setting my valves.

Now we have had some real quick times, the 60' times are better but there just seems to be something that is not right. I am not counting the alignment problems, I don't do chassis work, well, not much.

Saturday morning I jacked up the car and put the jack-stands under it to get the tires off the floor. After watching several video's on spark plug selection, reading plugs and gap setting, I decided to look at all of my plugs. The one guy from NGK, I run NGK-8 plugs, said to make two passes and then at the end of the 2nd pass, at the end of the track, pull a couple of plugs and read them. This is something I do about once or twice a year or when I change plugs. We had done this when we made the first passed on the engine. Everything looked good, but the engine did not sound as good as the old engine. The old engine ran NGK-7 plugs. All of the plugs are indexed.

Somewhere during my viewing of about 20 video's, a couple of techs said check the plug gap and it should be .020" to .035" gap (like a lawn mower). Wow! I have never run my gaps that tight. I always run .045: or .040" gap. This engine, and the last one, always ran .040" gap. Today I reset all my plug gaps to .035". I will go down .005" until the times fall off, or the plugs tell me they don't like it.

I have a Crank Trigger. Today I checked my timing for the first time since October last year. It was at Forty Degrees! No wonder it was kicking back! With the current location of my crank trigger pickup, I can only get it down to 38 degrees. I am going to have to make some minor modifications to the front of the engine to move that pickup to the opposite side and get more adjustment to lover that timing to 36 degrees.

Tomorrow I will start the engine and see if the kickback problem is any better. Today it started much better after the timing change and the plug gap change, but the engine was already warm.

Anyway, I'm glad I stayed home.

Best 1/8 mile time before all of these changes: 5.659 @ 122 MPH. Best 60' time: 1.274 sec., leaving at 4200 RPM, 8.0 psi rear tire pressure. (All of these are better than the last engine, but I am not satisfied!)

May 18, 2019


What To Do Next?

After looking at the sequence photos and the video taken from the front of the car, I decided to tighten up the front drivers side shock to try to keep that side from going up so much on launch. I did not bother the passenger side.

My next move will be to change the oil from the Lucus 20W-50 synthetic, too a non-synthetic oil. I think the cause of the smoke on launch and down track is, the engine has not seated the rings yet. The engine was started up on Pennsoil 10w-40 non-synthetic oil and changed after several start ups and cool-downs. We never ran it at the track with the non-synthetic.

Late night May 1, 2019: The oil and filter are changed. The old oil looked very good.

One thing about having someone else drive the car is, you can observe a lot of things about the way it leaves and I can handle the camera and get the shots I want. When others do my photos and video, I am very seldom satisfied. I did miss Barbara at the track this past week. She normal does the video from the spectator stands and gets the complete run. That part is always very good.

May 1, 2019


Mr. Skip Camaro Runs Straight!

Bracket Masters Racing Team had their team meeting at State Capitol Raceway on Saturday and three of the members had their cars on hand for Test & Tune during the event. Mr. Skip had the Camaro out, Tarrus Jones had his Nova running excellent and "Outlaw" had his Camaro clicking off high 7's.

The big news of the day was, Mr. Skip's Camaro went down the track straight and true. "Outlaw drove, and had a 8.87 @ 151 MPH on the first run (.000 RT). The second run was not as good, we spun the tires off the line but still had a very good pass.

I am a little worried over the smoke coming from the right side exhaust. It does not seem to be improving any. This has been happening since the initial startup. The engine only has 10 or so runs, with only three being full passes.


April 27, 2019


Car Suspension Has Been Repaired

Outlaw and Joe Louis replaced some parts in the front suspension and realigned the front and rear of the car. We hope this will make it go straight, or at least make it controllable. We plan on testing it Saturday at SCR.

April 26, 2019


Not So Big After All...

Friday night got washed out just after we got parked. We did not get to unload before the first of three showers came and wet the track after a beautiful day of sunshine.

I was really looking forward to that practice and the Gamblers Race. As it turned out, we had more problems with the car than we knew about and no amount of practice would have done any good.

Saturday was a beautiful day. Kevin came to help and I decided to let him drive. We entered the car in Top Doorslammer Class. Our first and second qualifying runs were very bad. The car pulled hard to the right just after launch, both times. We made adjustments to the right wheelie bar, because it was planting very hard upon launch. We did a video of the front of the car on the first & second runs. After the adjustment after the first run, it did a little better but still pulled to the right. The sequence of high speed photos at the end of the photos below will show the car at launch, and the move to the right. The first pass was much, much worse. Kevin thought there was something wrong in the front, maybe the rack or steering wheel placement. (Crew Chief: Barbara, said she thought it needed an alignment). More on that later.

We got ready for the 1st round by dialing a 5.61. This was a calculated guess, based on the last time we ran in weather like this and todays 60' times. The 60' times had been much quicker that any in the pass.

We drew "The Lizard" (Bubba), again. He took the left lane and dialed a 5.32. "Outlaw" had a red light, and was way off the dial-in at a 5.72 @ 119 MPH. The car continued to pull to the right on launch and we put it in the trailer.

Between the three of us, we decided to take the car to Joe Louis' Car Care for an alignment check and to check out the Rack & Pinion to make sure everything was right in the front of the car.

Monday morning we put it on the Alignment Rack and Joe (Many years of front end experience) determined the cars front wheels were not correct at the top and there was no adjustment left in the stock front A-arm system to make a proper adjustment. I am not a front end person, at all, so those of you that know about that kind of work will understand about the lack of adjustment on a 67 Camaro that leaves the top of the tires kicked out when the wheels are straight. I had the same problem with my white 67 Camaro and they had to put after-market adjustment parts in it the get it into aliment.

Hopefully, this will help solve our launch problem. I have two more ideas if this does not do the trick. First, the left front shock needs to be tightened up to not let the car go so high on the drivers side on launch. I will decide what #2 is after I see what the shock adjustment does.


April 22, 2019


Big (For Me) Racing Weekend

I hope to take the car to State Capitol Raceway this weekend. Everything is ready, including ME!

Today, after reading up on my AFCO double adjustable shocks (rear), I decided to check and see where they were set. The instructions say to set them at 14 clicks from all the way stiff. They were at 10 clicks, and have been this way since they were installed in August 2015. I reset them to 14 clicks. There are 24 clicks available. We shall see if it makes a difference.

See you at the track!

April 18, 2019


It's Fixed!! The Oil Leak Has Stopped!

"The Right Stuff" worked again. The application around the bottom front of the oil pan did the trick. As I ran the engine for several minutes to warm the engine for valve lash check, I was constantly checking for leaks.

The valves were almost perfect. Just a few intakes had to be reset, and only two exhaust.

I am almost ready to go back to the track. Thinking about Friday. Looks like rain for Saturday, but then again, like last week, the prediction was off by 100%. No rain, after a prediction of 3-4 inches.

The diaper is back in place and the car has been cleaned, inside and out. I am ready for the track, again.

April 10, 2019


Working While It Rains

The rain in Baton Rouge was really bad. Not as bad as the August 2016 Flood, but lots of water. Many places that flooded during that event, got a lot of water in their yards and driveways. We expect to get about the same amount (4" more) on Saturday. At least it is giving us some time to drain off.

Any way, I worked on the car a little bit. Changed the oil. Since I do not have a engine dip stick, I measured the oil that came out of the engine. I had put 6 qt. in, and I got 5.8 qt. out. After the initial startup and break-in and oil change, that's through 15 - 20 startups and 3 partial passes at the track. Most of that was on the front pad inside the diaper.

I am now ready to check the valve lash. The engine sounds better, now that it has a few burn-outs and passes on it.

I want to do some other things to the shocks, front and rear, but I still don't know what the real effect of the new cam and the increased launch RPM is, yet. I am trying to do only one thing at a time, but it's hard.

April 4, 2019


Trouble Shooting the Oil Leak

After a few days of thinking about it, I finally went into the shop and tried to find the sours of the leak. The first thought was the front seal. I cleaned everything up with brake cleaner and ran the engine for about 15 min. to warm it up. No leak while it was running. When I shut it down, I had a drop or two from the area right under the front seal. Looking directly at the underside of the front seal, I did not see any oil. I repeated the test, and still no oil from the seal, but there was oil coming from the area of the pan and timing cover gasket, at the front of the engine. The diaper does not cover that area, 100%. In fact, the diaper is tight on the front of the oil pan.

Since the engine was new, in 1999, I have had trouble sealing that area of this engine. It is a Gen IV block, modified to take a two-piece seal, and there is no one gasket that fits this arrangement (that I know of). So after 20 years of trying, It is still hit and miss to stop the pan leaks. By the time I stop the leaks, it is time for an overhaul and I have to start over. "The Right Stuff" works very well! Just don't try to get it apart! Right now, it has "Ultra Black" on that area that is leaking. I will try to seal it with "The Right Stuff".

I don't have a visible Fuel Pressure Gauge, just one under the hood. When I checked it, during on of my warm-up runs, it was on zero. The engine was running good, and the float levels were correct in the fuel bowl sight glasses. The gauge was shot!. I installed a duff rent gauge, and got 8.5 PSI. I have a new 1.5" fuel pressure gauge on the way.

I plan on changing the oil and checking my valve lash before I go back to the track.

March 31, 2019


Trouble, I've Seen My Share of Troubles, But I'm Still Here...

I took the car (Mr. Skip) out to State Capitol Raceway on Sunday, March 24th for my first runs at the track since Father's Day, 2018. I made two easy, less than 330' passes. The tires spun on both passes, right off the line. This was probably my fault, I raised the starting line RPM from my normal 3800 RPM, up to 4200 RPM. Everything else seemed to work right. The engine was very strong.

My only other change, as I told several months ago, was the new (old) cam. This cam has lower lift on the exhaust and about the same duration, but much longer overlap. It seems to be stronger.

I did not get a complete, good pass. I only made three runs before I had to leave. The last pass, which was suppose to be an all out pass, had to be aborted due to a hard pull to the left as I launched. This was my fault. I had backed up out of the groove after my long dragster burn out. I must be more careful.

When I arrived home and took the car out of the trailer, there was oil on the floor under the front of the engine.

March 24, 2019


Racing At SCR, Sunday 3/17/19

I was at the track to support "Outlaw" as he competed it Top Doorslammer on Sunday. He was the #4 qualifier, with Troy Collins being #1. Outlaw lost in the first round to the Motorcraft Thunderbird, who had a better light. The car ran very good, clicking off a 5.02 in the 1/8 mile in time trials.



Transmission Support Repaired

"Slim" Davis (Black Mustang), did the repairs and sent me a message that" HE is doing all my welding in the future"! The support fit perfect. After "Outlaw" installed the support, it was to late to start the car.

On Friday evening, Reggie Jackson came over and we started the engine. Everything worked perfect. Thanks to Outlaw, Slim and Reggie.

March 19, 2019


And The Troubles Keep Coming

Outlaw came over to help (do everything) on changing out the flywheel and starter. The new, fancy, many position, super high torque, starter would not clear my BIG oil pan.#@##!

I happen to have a spare, reworked starter that I keep in the truck for track emergencies. We put that one on, and will send the new one back for a replacement.

Outlaw installed the flywheel and the spare starter and tested it. Everything sounds good. We did not start the car. We should be finished later tonight.

He also found the transmission cross-member broken on the drivers side. We looked at this one as a BLESSING. We could see it had been broken for some time, right in a weld.

March 14, 2019 (early)



The flywheel has a few broken teeth. I have flywheel and starter. Replacement will start tomorrow.

March 12, 2019


Thanks for all the calls and well wishes, along with the prayers!

March 9, 2019


I am on the way to recovering

from my encounter with the Flu. Still sort of weak and dragging around. This weather is not helping, at all. Eighty degrees one day and 29 the next, plus the rain and wind.

I did go to church for the first time since the first Sunday in February.

I went out and started the car Sunday evening. The starter broke. The engine did start once, but would not re-start. Ordered a new starter. Should have it by Wed. afternoon.

March 4, 2019


Big Race At No Problem Raceway Has Been Rescheduled: June 20-22, 2019, see Flyer

Feb. 26, 2019


See SCR Forum for latest on MGOTBU race this weekend. (Weather)

Feb. 22, 2019


Sorry about the lack of updates

Mr. Skip has been sick with the Flu for the past 3 weeks. I am doing much better after finally going to the doctor last Thursday.

Feb. 18, 2019


Big Racing Weekend at No Problem Raceway - Big Bucks Nationals (FLYER)

I will not be there with the car, but I will be a spectator to see all the fast cars and bikes.

Looks like it will be a very good race. I am told that NPR has made some more repairs to the starting line and the track is hooking. That's real good. We need another place to go and get in some testing or good competition. Trying to run on a bad surface is no fun, and can cost you money in parts and loosing rounds.

Feb. 7, 2019


Houston Car Show - 2019
A Good Time Was Had By All!

Barbara & Skip attended the 2019 Houston Car Show at NRG Center (actually 7 halls were needed to accommodate all the cars and displays). We walked over 2.7 miles inside the Center, and still did not see everything. We stayed over 5 hours, and I was very, very tired when we decided to leave.

I saw some of my "Wish List" cars, some cars that I once owned and would love to have them now, and some cars that are just beautiful.

When Barbara and I had our 2nd date, in 1985, it was too a car show in the old Centroplex in Baton Rouge. She impressed me by jumping into and out of many cars on display. I said to myself, "This is my kind of women"! When she went to State Capitol Dragway with me, I knew she was the one. Here it is 33 1/2 years later and she is still going to car shows and to the track with me!

While in Texas, we did our normal thing, we ate at "Papadeaux's Seafood", one of our favorite places. The food was outstanding!

We took a lot of photos, but my iPhone ran out of charge and it stopped working. There were more cars on display this year. Each car maker expanded their space and had more models of their brand. I did not get to shoot any of the luxury vans and specialty vehicles that were there, but they were very nice. Jeep (Chrysler Corp.) had a very nice live action, "You Drive It" interactive section in one corner of the hall. You could put all models of Jeeps through its off-road paces.

Several dealer had cars that you could sign up to drive from inside the show, to outside on the street and back into the show. These were new, 2019 cars that you could drive right now.

We had a great time! The show runs through Sunday, Jan. 27, 2019.


Jan. 25, 2019


Weather, Weather, Weather - Need Testing Time.

I was reminded the other day that if we want State Capitol Raceway to be a better track, we must stop downing the track and support them with higher car counts and the spectators will come out and help increase revenue.

I started the car again. Sounds very good. Can't wait to get it on the track. My family and church schedules have conspired, along with the weather, to keep the car in the shop.

Remember, the big IHRA race is Feb. 1-3, 2019. There will be "Ironman" trophies given out in most classes. Take a good look at the available classes before you pay your money.

The Shutdown will not end anytime soon. Between Nancy and Donald, there is a stand-off.

Jan. 19, 2019



New Year, New Racing Season, Day 24 of the Govt. Shutdown

I've got a feeling, every thing's gonna be all right! I've got a feeling every thing's gonna be all right, right, right right...

Family, friends, racing and don't forget the USA (we need much prayer and divine intervention in the White House and Congress). We need much prayer for all of us.

I especially pray for those families that did not get a paycheck due to the federal government shutdown.

I know what it is to live from paycheck to paycheck. With five kids and bills to pay when I was a sailor, that really hurt when it was time to shop for food, put gas in the car, pay the rent and bills and there was no paycheck. I will be forever grateful t. The Bank of Virginia, who gave all military, with direct deposit, 1/2 of their normal paycheck deposit until the federal shutdown was over, back in the 1960's.

This week, the Coast Guard, TSA and many other branches of the Federal Govt. that are not getting paid, are really hurting. Many in Congress and The White House have never been without a paycheck.

You may not see it my way, and that is your right, but I blame Sen. Mitch McConnell as much as, or more, at this point, than anyone else. I know the Pres. is taking a stand, but right now, he has no bill to sign or veto. Why, the Senate will not consider or even send a compromise back to the House is beyond me.

(Sen. McConnell just decided to step out of the Shutdown battle and is handing it over to the Sen. Majority Whip. That is not the way to be a real leader. Please get registered and go vote!)

Have a happy racing season, if you can afford it.

Remember, if you plan to fly anywhere, get to the airport 3 hours early to check in. TSA agents are not being paid and are not showing up to work.

Jan. 14, 2019


Happy New Year!! 2019


Mark Washington's Mother Passes

We are asking for a special prayer for the family of Mark Washington. His mother was admitted to the hospital on Christmas morning and passed away later that same afternoon. The funeral was in Brookhaven, MS on Dec. 31, 2018.


Christmas At Grandma's House

The Holbert, Herbert, Morris & Gardner families and all the great-grand children gathered to open gifts, eat and watch the kids knock themselves out playing with the multitude of toys and gadgets they got for Christmas. It was a lot of fun.

We opened gifts from the oldest to the youngest, having done it just the opposite last year, we found out it works much better this way.

The food was outstanding! Each family contributed a dish, and Barbara had her turkey wings and I made a BIG pot of gumbo. We had cakes and pies of many types. There were Cornish Game Hen (sent from Florida by Mr. & Mrs. Slaughter), Ham, Turkey, Collard Greens from Georgia, Pecan Candy and a 3 layer coconut cake from Mrs. Plummer, pies from Mrs. Ann Brown and Mrs. Dukes and sides by Barbara Morris and Ophelia Herbert. Everything was excellent!

Barbara gave a wonderful Christmas Prayer for the family and the food. We also prayed for the sick and shut-in people around the world.

Dec. 28, 2018


We Enjoyed Our-vacation!

We went to Bluewater Resort on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, for our annual getaway. My baby sister, Bea Bea Smith, drove over from her home in Augusta, GA for a short stay. Her friend Lamar joined her. It is only 136 miles from Augusta to Hilton Head. We had a very good tome, which included a great seafood dinner at "Crazy Crab", right down the street from the resort.

We took a side trip to Eaton, GA to see Rev. Handrice Griffin, who ones a large farm in the area. He also sells real estate. His farm includes many pecan trees. We purchased 7 lbs. of pecan halves. Barbara is always asking someone to make pecan candy for us during the holidays. We gave our "Pecan Lady" 3 bags, and our friends in Tallahassee, FL two bags. We also purchased 6 bunches of collard greens, and gave three of them to the same couple on Florida. Those greens had the largest leaves that I have ever seen on a collard. Barbara cooked some as soon as we arrived and they were excellent! Rev. Griffin's farm is all organic.

PHOTOS from Hilton Head Island, SC

On the way home, we stopped at my childhood friend's home in Tallahassee, FL for a overnight stay. "Rudy" and Brenda Slaughter were very gracious hosts and loaded us up with fruit, picked in their yard, and Deer Sausage, ham hocks and other things. We gave them two bags of Georgia Pecans and three bunches of collard greens.

It is always nice to visit with old friends, especially when they are a long way from home and you don't get to see them often. Rudy and I grew up on the same street in Daytona Beach, FL. He is retired from Florida A & M University as their top recruiting officer. He also worked for HHR in Wash. D. C. back in the 70's.

During our trip,going and coming, we listened to the audio book, "Becoming" by former 1st Lady, Michelle Obama. Good Read, as they say.

Dec. 19, 2018




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