Today, 2/24/2023, I put my car up for sale. It will be listed on Darrius Crocket’s Facebook page with all the information.

I never wanted this day to come, but it is too much for me to do, alone, just getting ready to go to the track. A routine that starts days in advance of loading the car in the trailer. I do a lot of checks on the car, engine, and suspension each time before loading. Getting  the trailer ready is normally done on race day, making sure tires are aired up, chines are correct, everything inside is tied down and connecting the truck. Finally the car goes into the trailer.  At the track, the order is reversed. Normally I have a lot of help at the track. Outlaw and Silas, Jr. are always there to help.

Our track routine is always the same.  We set up the generator so Mrs. Barbara can stay cool in the trailer under the a/c.  We put the car batteries on charge and gas up for the 1st time trial. After all that, this 84 year old is already tired. 10 years ago, I would be ready for 2-3 days of racing, but not now.

This morning I woke up and asked Barbara what she thought about me selling the car. She said, “Whatever makes you happy”. I called Outlaw and told him about my decision. He was supportive. After a short , are you sure, conversation, he suggested talking to Darrius. Darrius came over right away, because he was in the area, and looked the car over, listened to the engine and took photos and made a video. Very professional. 
I have had very mixed emotionS all day.

Feb. 24, 202