Friday I heard a rumor that SCR may be moving too a new sanchaning body. I did some research on my own and could not confirm what I heard. I called Gary to get the news.

Gary quickly put a stop to the rumor. SCR is committed to IHRA for 2023. 

I asked about the track’s website and why no updates. Seems they have a new web development company that should have the new site up and running by early March.

After going through the same process in 2021, and still having trouble, I understand. We will have to rely on the tracks Facebook page for any track information. 
IHRA does have new owners, and they have made at least one very welcome change. Cody “CP” is now a certified Chassis Inspector. This is outstanding! We will be able to get our cars inspected right here in Baton Rouge.

Feb. 6, 2023