2023 can only get better from here! 

I tried to go too State Capitol Raceway web site on a few occasions  this year and only got last years information. I think they have switched over to Facebook to get information out now.  You will be able to get a little information, but unless you join Facebook, you will not get very much. 

During 2023, I plan to get my NHRA license again, hopefully  in March I can make my test runs.  I got the Chassis Inspection done last year. I already have my IHRA license.

Since the Saints are not in the NFL Playoffs, I guess I will pull for The Bengals, although I really like The Chiefs too. Since I am originally from Florida,  I should be rooting for Jacksonville. I do not have a favorite in the NFC, but I would pull for the underdog Giant if I had to pick one. Can’t stand the Cowboys owner. My Son-in -Law likes the 49’s, so I cannot pull for them!  This is going to be an interesting run for the Superbowl! The two teams I did not mention, Bills & Eagles, may be the two best teams.

January 17, 2023