The car is sitting there, ready to go into the shop after two test runs at State Capitol Raceway on 10/23/2022.  We made two passes after changing the flex plate.  We did not have time to do everything that we wanted to do at this testing session.

During the week after the testing, I checked the valves and looked a a few other things. Everything looks very good. 

I a happy with the way the engine build came out and the way the car runs. The oil that came out looked very good.  The two exhaust collectors look like the engine has been burning perfect and the plugs looked good also. 

During the runs, all of the electronics worked perfect. I did not get to take the EGT reading that I wanted,  but I will get it the next time out. We also forgot to set the Tach to record the shift paints and max RPM.

I am also going to set up my GoPro camera in the car to do a video of a run so I can see all the instruments. We have done this in the past and it gives a lot of good information and takes a lot of pressure off the driver to remember everything that I ask the driver. When I  am driving, It is not a problem to look at the instruments and  remember all of it, but, that  is a thing of the past. 

Nov. 4, 2022