After many weeks of not being able to go racing, we finally got the car to SCR for some testing. I unboxed the car, drove it around to warm up everything and waited for “Outlaw” to come and make the first pass.

Everyone was ready to roll and at the turn of the key, the starter took 8 teeth out of my new flexplate!

Long story short, Barbara delivered a new, SFI Approved, flexplate to us at the track and Outlaw did his thing and had the old one out before the new one arrived.

After the installation and testing, we finally got our 1st pass in. The car was excellent, running a 5.641 @ 123 MPH. Before the track closed, we got a 2nd pass,, but the lane was not good and we spun the tires, but ran a  5:699 @ 150 MPH. 

Over the week since we ran, I changed the break-in oil, and put in 8qts. of Mobil-1 5W-50 oil.  I also reset the timing at 34 degrees. 
Our next outing,, will, most likely be, The Iron Man Classic;  Nov. 12, 2022. 

Oct. 30, 2022