There were still some leaks from the roof. I used some paint on sealant to reinforce the old seals that were up there. Much of the interior wood was rotted, but the paint was concealing the rot. Two months ago, I replaced a few of the bad wood pieces in the floor and on the side panels in the front. Now I am working on the trim pieces around the wheel wells and tge back door.

I have made several trips too Lowes and Home Depot. Military Discount really comes in handy when I am spending $$$ at a time for paint, and all the things that go along with painting. Then there is the woodworking. Lucky fir me, I already own all the tools and measuring devices for the carpenter work. One of my panels was so rotted out, the light fixture that was mounted on it, fell off! 

Hurricane Ian is ripping it’s way through my home state of Florida. Cat. 4 at landfall, may cross state as a Cat. 2,  which is still very powerful. It is headed for my hometown of Daytona Beach, FL. Please pray for all my friends (no relatives there).

September 28, 2022 (Update Nov. 3, 2022)

photos of completed trailer work. Enjoyed doing the work, total spent, including supplies and misc. tools, $650.00.