Houston Hawkins Driving

 It’s Here! The Fathers Day Classic – 2022

This is the race we have been looking forward to since March of last year. We arrived at the track around 2:00 pm and started our routine, checking everything and charging batteries. I had help from Houston and Outlaw. The car was in great shape after running last night. 

The temperature was almost unbearable, in the mid 90’s. The Heat Index was around 108 degrees. Because of the high heat at this time of year in Louisiana, most racing events are held in the late afternoon or early evening. Time trials were slated to start at 4pm CDT. Still in the heat of the day.

There were a lot of cars, but not many spectators. I started the car and drove around the pit area twice, checking all of the controls and the electronics. Everything worked great. We only needed to top off on gas and air up the tires.  We removed the hood and looked at all of the normal things, belts on the alternator, radiator hoses, spark plug wires, accelerator linkage and we looked for oil, water and gas leaks. Everything looked good. Batteries on charge and everything wiped down. Looking good, sounding good and ready to roll! 


We tried to make our 1st pass but all the switches were not in the correct position and the car would not stage. That was our 1st Top Doorslammer qualification pass.

The 2nd qualification pass went much better and we had a 5.67 @ 121 MPH.  That was great and got us firmly in the field.  

Eliminations were next.  We were matched with a gray Buick Gran National, who had lane choice. They put us in the left lane, which Wass great with us.  The crew of the Gran National was very nice and not from this area.  We had never seen the car before and did not know anything about it or the driver. Staging went well, Houston was ready and when the lights came down, he cut a good light and both cars were off on green lights.  At the finish line, the GN crossed first, but no lights came on. Then when Houston crossed the finish line, the win light came on in the GN’s lane! Double break-out! Houston had run and 5.64 on a 5.65 and lost!

As I said earlier, the timing system and the Christmas Tree had not been working right periodically through time trials and eliminations.  We did not question the outcome of the race, but it sure was frustrating to not get time slips after our last time trial and for our last run.  The results were available in the tower.  

We decided not to buy-back into Super Pro, and put the car in the trailer.  We were very happy with the car, Houston had done a good job of driving and we did not break anything and had nothing to fix.  That is called an excellent trip to the track!

e have been told, State Capitol Raceway has installed a complete new timing system and computers at the track, shortly after the Fathers Day Race and all of the problems are solved.  

July 18, 2022 (written on Sept. 1, 2022)