After 15+ months of working on the car and engine, we finally got the car to the track for the one race of the year that I look forward to.  Since the car had only been out for one short time, two weeks before now, for two full low RPM test passes and an aborted burn-out, we were happy to see what we could do.  

First things first.  Our new driver, Houston, had to get use to the cars controls and become comfortable in the seat. 

This is not the first time Houston has driven one of my cars. In 2010 he drove for me for a short time.  But 12 years is a long time and the car has much more power.  

It did not take Houston long to become comfortable.  The first pass was aborted right after the 60 ft. because the car pulled to the right and he got out of it.  We took the car back to the trailer and checked everything.  It was OK.  So we went up for the  2nd pass. We did a very respectable 5.67 @ 121 MPH in the heat of the late afternoon.  The 2nd pass was about the same, and we decided to call it a night due to trouble with the track  timing system. 

We were very pleased with the runs and Houston got some seat time.  

Events of June 17, 2022