Working On Neglected Items

This Post was originally written on June 8, 2022 but due to web site problems, it is just being posted – July 13, 2022

If you can call working multiple church projects and all the work around the house, easy. Then it’s been very easy. The most fun I have had is ordering engine parts and new, upgraded, tools and measuring instruments. In case you don’t know it, I love working with good instruments and tools.

When I purchased my T&D stand rockers, I thought it was a bolt on project. Having NEVER worked on any stand rocker system, I had no idea what is involved. Along with help from Reggie and Mr. Van Johnson, I have been taught a lot.  Lots of instructions to read and measurements to take.  It has been fun and I am learning a  lot.  

Right  now I have the 4 right side exhaust valves complete with springs, rocker stands and washers, rockers, push rods and lifters.  Due to  having to reconfigure the spring installation tool and the rocker installation tool, I am going to complete the lest head exhaust valves before I work on any of the intake valves.  First step will be to install the rocker stands and check the valve and rocker geometry.  This is another time consuming operation, but will be much easier this time now that I have the right tools.  

With all this new stuff in the engine, I should be making a little more horsepower.  This 565 CID  configuration has never been Dyno Tested.  I have guessed at around 900 HP.  I want to get this one too the dyno so I will know for sure.  I also need to know a few other things that you can only see in the dyno data sheets.  I have seen results from several other racers engines.  Some of them had good data, most of them had incomplete information.  One of the big things that effects what you get is, how well you go prepared on the day you do your testing. 

Old Wrap on Trailer

New Gray Paint

June 8, 2022