Thank God for Outlaw! Kevin (Outlaw) came over Thursday and stopped the leak above the oil filter. Friday afternoon, when I started the engine, I discovered another leak, this time from the oil gauge sending unit just below the distributor.
Outlaw fixed that leak and we decided to change the starter. The old starter was dragging and would barely  start the engine. After the change it was only a little better, but would start. Then we were off to State Capitol Raceway!  After a long layoff there are a lot of things that I, for one, forgot to do. Like charging the winch battery and draining the gas out of the trailer generator. All of these things were overlooked while concentrating on the engine rebuild.  At least I am having these things come at me 3 weeks before the big race, rather than the day before the race!

We made it to the track, unloaded and got ready for the first pass, that is, after Outlaw cleaned out the trailer generator fuel system.  

We went up for our 1st pass, did a low RPM burn-out and we leaked water on the track, and they shut us down.  We had a hose clamp on the engine water outlet break.  We changed the hose  and clamps and were ready for the next pass. 

This 2nd pass, we counted the long burn-out as the 1st pass, was to be no more than 5000 RPM.  Everything worked great, no leaks and the oil pressure was steady at 80 PSI through the traps. Looking good! 

The last pass was an all out run at normal RPM and shift points.  The car did a 5.65 @ 122 MPH in the 1/8 mile. We were very happy, on a hot night without much traction. We only had a 1.288 sec. 60’ time. Way off our best. The carburetor was rich, so I must drop the jets down a couple of numbers. Other than  that, and a oil change, we are good to go.  
(Watch video of 1st all out pass)


May 29, 2022