It went well. There was no oil on the floor on either side! I inspected with a light and found no oil.  I put a second coat of  Ultra Gray on the starter side.  The oil filter side already has two layers and has been curing for about 48 hours. I plan to start the engine tomorrow, after todays coat of Ultra Gray cures.

Today I installed the starter and engine diaper, but the diaper does not cover the area of either leak. I also put the left header back on and tightened the right side header. Header tubes on both sides were warped with heat resistant material to try to keep from burning through another engine diaper. This is one good reason for fender-well exit headers.

Looks like I should like be able to go too State Capitol Raceway this Friday for some testing. One pass, 1/8 mile, limited to 6000 RPM, to test the oil pump pressure and handling after a year layoff.  If that goes well, a second pass, 1/4 mike, also to test oil system volume above 7200 RPM, and see if the upper engine drain back is adequate. Other people, using this Moroso oil pump, have had the problem of pumping the pan dry at high RPM. The 3rd, and last pass (1/4 mike) MAY be an all out pass.

May 24, 2022