Great 2nd & 3rd Startups

Everything works! The starter, starter relay and the engine sounds great. Barbara and I set the timing at 36 degrees. Starts much better. We may come down a couple degrees, later.

After heat-up too approximately 160 degrees F, I checked the valve lash on the drivers side. All except 4 were right on. I had used .022” for intake startup and .024” for exhaust lash startup. Many racers told me it was not much sense in going through the trouble with the T&D Rocker system, but I had to find out for myself. I set them in accordance with the Cam Card at .026” Intake and .028” Exhaust.  

I allowed the engine to cool down for over an hour before warming to up again too 160 degrees F an checking the other side. Only two lash settings were off on that side.

I checked, and topped off my trans. fluid during the 2nd run. I still have a few things left to do, like compression check and leak- down test.  After two or three more start up and cooldown cycles, I will be ready to  make a couple of easy passes, change the oil, and come back out and see what it will do.

May 16, 2022