Thursday, around 1:00 pm, I got the engine sterted for the first time since March of 2021.

All morning I checked and double checked to make sure I had not forgotten anything.  I was by myself, but I could hear Barbara and Outlaw saying, “Are you sure?” “What about this?” “Did you put the water in?”, etc. etc..  When I gave it two shots of gas and pushed the button, the engine turned over very slowly, but did not start. More gas, and I put the battery charger on. I tried again, slowly the engine turned, then came to life! It sounded So GOOD!

I got the RPM up too 2000 RPM, and looked at the exhaust. It was nice and white, and trailed off to nothing at all. I looked at the gauges and the oil pressure was 70 PSI. The Moroso oil pump can be adjusted from outside the pan if necessary. The fuel pressure was at8 PSI. I started looking for leaks and I had a small gas leak on a gauge fitting and a small oil leak at the oil filter. I used a listening device ( long screwdriver) to listen too my valve train of both sides. They sounded perfect.

I let the temp. Get up too almost 200 degrees and then shut it down after about 25 min. of run time.

The 2nd try at running the engine did not go well.  The engine turned over slowly about 3 times and stopped. I thought it was the starter and I changed it, but this time the starter relay just clicked and the new starter did not engage at all.  Between Outlaw and myself, we decided the relay was bad. I do not have the “Ford” relay, but I have a Summit brand that has been in the car since 2009. I ordered a new relay.

 Since I had the time, I pulled all the plugs, which looked very good, maybe a little on the lean side, and I removed the rocker cover on the drivers side. Looks good. After a complete cooldown, the water level is still at the same level as when it started.

waiting on parts again😟🏁

May 14, 2022