Maybe tomorrow (Thursday). Today I put the hoses on the radiator and did a dropt after filling the system. I did not like the results, but I am going with what I have. The ptessure dropped from 17.5 PSI, down to 15 PSI in 30 minutes. After the first warm-up, I will test again.

I installed the carburetor and fuel lines.  Checked the accelerator cable and the angle of the. Butterfly blades. I also pumped some fuel out to flush the lines.

Tomorrow I will put the distributor cap and wires on. All that will be left is power up and push the button!  



I went back out tonight and put the distributor cap on, connected the wires and put the battery on charge. All is ready for start-up in the morning.

May 11,  2022 (In my younger days, I would have been done a few months ago)