Only a few more things to do. Friday was productive. I leaned that Dart did not drill all bolt holes the same depth as on the GM Bow-Tie. I had to trim my Crank Trigger bolts about 1/8” to get them tight and have the required position of my pickup. Checked the gap at .050”, and the pickup is centered on the magnets, so all is well.

I mounted the starter and checked the tooth engagement at the flex plate.

All that is left is, alternator crankshaft pulley, headers radiator hoses and carburetor with fuel lines. Add water, top off oil and fuel. We may hear some noise this weekend or Monday!

Speaking of fuel, I purchased a few gallons of 16 Thursday. i will be very selective about making unnecessary passes this year. I may be forced to build a pump gas motor and run in Super-Pro.  

May 7, 2022