Out taxes are done and submitted, the church projects are done, for now, and things are rolling along very well. Family is doing well and the blessings keep on coming. The more things We do for others and the church, the better our blessings!

We went out on April 20th to celebrate our 36 1/2 year anniversary . Texas Roadhouse serves some excellent Rib Eye 🥩. We were both stuffed when we left. 

For the last three days I have dedicated some time to working on the engine. As some of you know, the big holdup was Intake Pushrods. Once I had them, I had to re-learn how to install and adjust them. I learn fairly quick, but I forget even quicker!

I have the pushrods installed and all the valve lashes set.  Next, I put the Oil Pan and Intake Manifold on.  Valve Covers are next. I should be ready to put the engine in, when my helper (Outlaw) is available. I want to get the engine on a Dyno so I can see how much Horsepower the new combination makes. This would add a lot more time to my timeline and may not be ready for Fathers Day. Now if we can find all those other parts😟.

April 22, 2022