It is tax time. It is also Honey-Do time and also some home projects of my own. I can say, I have not done any Church projects in a while.

I did get my Pushrods! Thanks too a very nice 2nd tier specialist at Summit’s Pro Shop, I got a set of Manley, 8.400” intake pushrods. I have had them for over 2 weeks, but promised myself I would not work on the engine until after the taxes were done. If I had called and talked too someone earlier, rather than trying to look at different web sites, I may have had the push rods much earlier.  

Thought I might have to sell the car to pay taxes, but that will not be the case. I had no idea the Pandemic effected me so much.

We re-modeled our washroom and I had to dust off my old Nave painting skills. We installed new tile floors.  Thanks to Double-D Electric, we put new LED lights in my garage and living room. I also put a 220 vac, HVAC unit in the shop. No more cold days or nights in the shop. We put in a couple of sets of doors in bedrooms also.

We have one more large painting project, that I am not going to do myself, to finish.

If I get the car out to test by mid May, I will be very happy. We will be ready for The Fathers Day Classic, June 18, 2022 at State Capitol Raceway.

April 5, 2022