Spent a lot of time in Best Buy today 

I am trying to purchase something that will allow me to import photos from my iPhone, too my PC. Seems Apple does not want us to be able to do that without a lot of effort and expense. In my search, and questioning a young man at Best Buy, we settled on a product that looks promising. If it works, I will let you know the name of the product. It has a lot of stars in the ratings, 4.8/5, and a lot of good reviews, but I have to see for myself.

If you have not done so yet, go back and look at the last two Posts (Blog Posts). I put a few photos in both of theme. These took a lot of time and effort and they are still not what I want the photo galleries to look like.

Most of the problem comes from me, not knowing a lot about WordPress and me not knowing how to outsmart Apple (which I never will).

There is another problem. My old Photo Gallery creator, jAlbum, works great with everything else, but I am told by the people at jAlbum, that I am not doing what is needed to get my photo galleries into my WordPress web site. I will keep on trying, or try another WordPress Plug-in that better suits my needs. It is a real shame because I have been using jAlbum since 2014 and I just love the results that I have gotten from it over the eight years.

I am very  new too WordPress and must learn the ropes. I learned enough about Adobe Dreamweaver to get what I wanted done. Not always great, but enough. Well, all I can say is, trying to get this done, keeps my mind sharp. It also helps to keep my wallet empty. I purchased $129.00 worth of computer “stuff” today in Best Buy.

Seems like every few years, Apple changes their cables and they only give you one short cable to operate the new device. I understand each upgrade gives more speed and capabilities to the new machine.

The Veterans Administration gave me a new iPad Pro 12″ last year around this time. I was very happy when I got it!, but after about two weeks of trying to get use to not having a Home Button, I went back to my old 10″ iPad Pro, with the Home Button. Last week I pulled out the still new, iPad Pro 12″, and I am trying to make myself learn how to use it. 

The major reason I want to use it now is, I want the new Apple iPhone 13 Plus, which does not have the Home Button. I will force myself into getting familiar with not having that Home Button. I want to replace my iPhone 7 Pro. 

After leaving Best Buy, I stopped by one of the Ram dealerships and spec. out a  2022 Ram 1500 Longhorn Southfork Limited truck.  This is dreamland. 

February 14, 2022 (Valentines Day)