I have all of the exhaust pushrods installed, with lash set at .024”, with the adjusting cup at 1.75 turns from full open. T&D recommends, between 1 and 2 turns from full up or full down. So I am good. That took a 9.150 “ pushrod.

I need a set of 8.40” pushrods (8) for my intake valves. Everything was good until I decided to switch from my old roller lifters to new Isky Red Line lifters with no needle bearings.

Many racers with BBC engines, must use 8,40” pushrods. At least those that are ordering from the same places I order from. I even tried the companies that make pushrods. They could not get them before April. BUT, I kept looking and found Trend Performance. They have the pushrods I need, with all the same specifications. They can be ordered from Summit, but the search has to be targeted too Trend Performance.  They should be here by Feb. 22, 2022 (2/22/22). Trend Performance even offers 8.375” pushrods. That may come in handy if I have to change head gaskets some day.

Feb. 12, 2022   

(Feb. 16, 2022 Update from Summit: Pushrods will not be shipped until, 3/2/22)