(Correction 1/19/22)

Exhaust pushrods do not fit. The four intakes, passenger side, fit correct but all exhaust pushrods are too long.

The rocker arm instructions tell you how many turns must be taken when setting the valve lash. This prevents cut off of oil flow to the upper valve train ( when you do not get valve lash set within a certain amount of turns, down from full open or up from the bottom).

I have ordered two different lengths to make sure I get it correct. I did use a checking pushrod to measure for the original order, but only on one intake and one exhaust.

I have found that pushrod length has a tolerance. Example: The 9.250” pushrod was actually, 9.256” on one pushrod.  I measured all 8 exhaust pushrods and they range from, 9.255” – 9.2575”.

I see why I read about Master engine builders installing different length pushrods on some cylinders. They also have their pushrods custom made to a very tight tolerance. That is  expensive and time consuming.

Jan, 19, 2022