I thought I only had a little work left on my engine rebuild. I was wrong!

Today I worked over 5 hours and found I have several more hours before I can say I am done with this Shaft Rocker System and heads.
The layoff really hurt. I had forgottem some of the instructions and using some of the new tools for the first time slowed me up rather than helping me finish quicker..

I broke one lock for a spring retainer, #1 Exhaust, and I am going to go back and change out #2 & #6 exhaust locks. The LSM spring removal tool works perfect on the intake springs, it is hard, but not impossible, to line up on the exhaust springs.
My measurements for rocker arm geometry came out perfect on the drivers side. With help, I had already completed the passenger side.
I will continue working this week. I only have one appointment and no church work.

(I am having trouble getting photos that look good into this WordPress site)