I let Mr. Van Johnson talk me into purchasing of a LSM valve lash setting tool and rocker cup adjustment set of tools. Van says this tool makes sure I get exactly the same torque on all valve adjustment cups. The kit comes with a very small torque wrench that is set at 22 ft-lbs. All you need, in addition to the kit, is a 12 point 3/8 socket and the correct feeler gauges.

I only had 4 valves set, to some unknown torque value, so I will go back and reset those four and set all the rest at 22 ft-lbs.

My cam card calls for, .026” lash on the intake valves, and .028” lash on the exhaust valves. I will set mine at, .022” exhaust and .024” intake, to allow for expansion during warmup.

Some racers with “Stand Rockers”, do not reset their valves after initial warmup (hot). I will reset my valves hot, at least the 1st couple of times, until I can say to myself, “I am sure, they come into spec. on ALL valves.

December 9, 2021