Everything I ordered has arrived, Pushrods, Lifters, LSM Spring Pressure Checking Tool(head-on), LSM Spring Installation Tool and a bench vice type, off-head, spring pressure test tool. 
The spring installation tool is very nice. It is a multi part tool, for BBC with T&D or Jessel stand rockers, with individual arms for the exhaust and intake valves. Very easy to use.
I have installed all of the Intake springs on the right head. I am about to move to the right side, where the rocker stands have not been installed yet.  All of the checking that was done on the right side must be done over here on the left side, except push-rod length. 
I had a scare over push-rod length and the T&D tolerance for cup adjustment. I ordered the push-rods before I decided to change to another brand lifter. I was very lucky, and blessed, that the correct calculated length fell within the tolerance of the length I had calculated. 
Since 1999, I have had Comp Cams complete valve train. Now I have Isky Lifters, new (heavy wall) Comp Cams push-rods and cam, T&D Rockers and PAC Racing springs. I sure hope all of this stuff works well together. Over the years, I was not happy with the promises Comp Cams made and the actual longevity and quality of their lifters and rockers. Comp Cams cams have been very good at producing power.

November 10, 2021