Thank God for online research! I tried to re-insall my valve springs, but was not able to safely get any back on using my old style, rocker stud type spring compressor..

  • My first thought was to go too NAPA and get a good quality spring compressor. I decided to look on-line and found a unit built for T&D stand rockers. The unit is made by LSM Racing Products, model SC-100. (The LSM SC-100 is for SBC heads, my mistake) There are several LSM models available at Amazon, Jegs and Summit.  Therefore, thanks for the internet. 
    This  unit will allow me to replace springs without removing the stand (bottom) part of  the rocker stand. When the tool comes in, I will try to post a photo.

Some of the photos show the T&D stand height checking gauge. It does two things. Helps you determine the correct stand height and establish correct rocker arm geometry. T&D only asks you to check one intake and one exhaust valve and stand. We checked all eight on the right side. All eight stand positions required a  .o40” shim.  T&D provides two sets of shims, .040” and .080”, eighteen of each.

Another challenge the stand rockers  presents is, removing the rocker from the stand. This requires an excellent set of snap ring pliers. My Harbor Freight set did not work, but the set I found at NAPA, worked just fine.

WARNING: The Intake Rocker shafts are a different length than the Exhaust Rocker Shafts.  NOT INTERCHANGEABLE. The Intake shafts also have two shims (no extras included), one inside of  the snap ring on each side. Note exactly where they came from. One side shim is thicker than the other. The Exhaust Rocker Shafts do not have shims, only snap rings.