After finishing six of the eight stand height shimming and measurements, I decided to get my pushrod length measurements. I had been looking at the price of the recommended 220 degree tip pushrods for my rockers.

I noticed the ESTIMATED delivery date at Isky, Comp and others, was as far out as Feb. 2022. The earliest was sometime in Dec. 2021. So I decided to get my order in as soon as I could determine the proper pushrod length.

I installed the lifters in #2  intake and exhaust position with the checker pushrods. The checker springs were installed. I used a black Sharpie to coat the top of the two valve stems so I could see the imprint of the roller as it moved across the valve stem.  This would be the final confirmation of  “correct pushrod geometry”. This would also determine if the rocker stand was installed at the correct height.
Next the rocker and shaft were installed on #2 Intake. In accordance with the T&D instructions, the rocker adjustment was backed out until it stopped, then adjusted one turn clock wise. The checker pushrod was extended  into the rocker cup (no valve lash is set at this time).  Some YouTube videos show the lash being set at this time). 
Next the engine was rotated through two revolutions.  
The results were great! After checking both exhaust and intake, the stand heights are good, the. Geometry was correct and we got the pushrod lengths and placed an order with Comp Cams.

 I wii write a separate Post on my encounter with the Comp Cams order guy. I have no idea when my pushrods will be here! 

October 13; 2021