The rockers arrived last Thursday and I have spent most of that time trying to understand how to mount the rocker stands and get the correct rocker arm geometry.

I have spent a lot of time on YouTube, looking at the different videos, none of which apply exactly to my rocker and head combination, which is, AFR(V2) heads and T&D Machine Products stand rockers.

There is no rush. I had some unfinished home projects, computer problems to work out on the church web site and “Honey-Do’s” for Barbara. All of the above did give me time to read and look things over.

This is my first time working on Stand Rockers. I think I see why so many racers have trouble with rocker stands. I don’t think they follow the instructions. Speaking of instructions, very few instructions come with the rocker set. I think the T&D folks expect a professional engine builder or head expert to set up their rockers.

Tuesday, Reggie Jackson was kind enough to come over and give me some help. All of the springs must come off the heads, again, in order to use the measuring instrument that was included. They did give instructions on using the template to determine Stand height and set up the correct rocker arm geometry. Reggie was a big help, removing snap rings that I could not see and giving that 3rd hand needed to remove valve springs and locks.  He helped e understand some of the photos they sent. We managed to get 3 of the 16 rockers shimmed and measured.  We have 13 to go!  It took us about 3 1/2 hours and one trip to NAPA for quality Snap Ring Pliers.  T&D gives a lot of shims, but they are either .080″ or .040″ thick.  I may need to find some thinner shims that fit under the rocker stands.  So far so good. Thank God!   

October 7, 2021