Month: October 2021

Rocker Stand Installation

Some Photos of the Rocker Stand Measurements Rocker Stand Measurement Photos Thank God for online research! I tried to re-insall my valve springs, but was not able to safely get any back on using my old style, rocker stud type spring compressor.. My first thought was to go too NAPA and get a good quality […]
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Another Long Wait

After finishing six of the eight stand height shimming and measurements, I decided to get my pushrod length measurements. I had been looking at the price of the recommended 220 degree tip pushrods for my rockers. I noticed the ESTIMATED delivery date at Isky, Comp and others, was as far out as Feb. 2022. The […]
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Rockers Arrived, Back To Work!

The rockers arrived last Thursday and I have spent most of that time trying to understand how to mount the rocker stands and get the correct rocker arm geometry. I have spent a lot of time on YouTube, looking at the different videos, none of which apply exactly to my rocker and head combination, which […]
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