Both heads are torqued and now I have a lot of time to wait on my roller rockers. As I said earlier, they will be in mid- September, about the time I will be allowed to get my “booster” vaccine shot.

This block and heads have the provision for the 4 extra head bolts, two on each side, so I decided to order them from Dart. If you ever get them, please read the instructions at least twice and then  have them at your fingertips. Trial fit them before you start. Do Not Torque  The Heads On Before You  Install The Extra Two Bolts! If you do, like I did, you will not get the little “shoe” in the correct place. You have two choices at this point, unbolt the head or leave the studs hanging. I removed the head, followed the directions, and got it on right. The second head went well.

I have a few DIY projects too complete, and I know Barbara will find a few things to fill my idle time. If not for Covid-19 (Delta), we would be traveling.

Aug. 17, 2021