Although some may not agree, I have done a lot over the past weeks. Most of the things were more measurements and trial fitups. Dart recommends trying a lot of items before you actually slap on the gasket sealer or torque anything down for final assembly. I had a very hard time with the oil pan. My pan gaskets were not correct. The distributor did not fit the way a normal BBC distributor goes in(180 out, #6, or right on #1), this was due to the Moroso oil pump drive shaft. I did lock down the cam and put the tabs on, after I finish the degree process.  The new timing chain cover was put on and the Super Damper was put on along with the degree pointer for timing. I also marked the damper at zero,  90, 180, and 270, along with a mark at 36 degrees.
Outlaw came over and used his strength to put #1 intake and exhaust springs back on. Three hands were needed to accomplish that with my old spring compressor.
Next up, put the other seven pistons in and bolt on the heads. That reminds me, I did the piston-to-valve clearance measurements and they came out very good.. That was why I had the checker springs on #1 piston.
So far, all is well! I will be waiting on my Rockers until September so not much else can be done except bolt on the heads and wait. After the rockers get here, then I can measure for push rod length and order the correct  push rods.

Aug. 11, 2021

A Few Progress Photos - 8/11/2021