Month: August 2021

The Heads Are On! – All Stop!

Both heads are torqued and now I have a lot of time to wait on my roller rockers. As I said earlier, they will be in mid- September, about the time I will be allowed to get my “booster” vaccine shot. This block and heads have the provision for the 4 extra head bolts, two […]
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Pistons are all in!

All eight pistons are in and torqued to spec. The heads are next, but then I have a long wait until the rockers are in. Looking at the SCR racing schedule, we will miss the 1st. Doorslammer race of the season. I did take a look at the new No Problem Raceway schedule. NPR has […]
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Got A Lot Done

Although some may not agree, I have done a lot over the past weeks. Most of the things were more measurements and trial fitups. Dart recommends trying a lot of items before you actually slap on the gasket sealer or torque anything down for final assembly. I had a very hard time with the oil […]
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