It has been three years since I last used my cam degree equipment and it took a while to get it right. In fact I had to read two different precedures, and take a few breaks before I got it right. Using the Intake Centerline method, I was shooting for 110 degrees. I came in at, 110.5 degrees. Not bad.

I called it a day after that and sat and made some notes. My notes were mostly a “what’s left to do” list. This list is very short range, and only covers a few items that Dart wants people to be aware of due to the increased mass of the block and how they differ from the GM blocks. Most of their concerns are pre-assembly precautions that may save me some time and labor later. I would advise anyone purchasing a Dart Big M block to go to Dart’s web site and read the installation instruction “Warnings” in red. I also found out the GM Bow Tie block is slightly heavier than the Big M block. I have always heard it was the other way around.

July 29, 2021