I May Be Ready By September, 2021

The engine is very slowly coming along.  Since Fathers Day is past, people have slowed down on using my time.  I have actually tried to get some things done.  I take one step forward and one or two steps back.  

Let me give you an example. I measured all my crank bearing surfaces and as I started to measure the rod bearings after torqueing them to spec., I was too tight!  The crank was suppose to be  cut .010″/.010″ in 2018.  I had to use .009″ bearings to get the correct clearances back then.  I had forgotten that little fact and purchased .010″ bearings.  

I had to order special rings to get Standard Tension rings for this application (no vac. pump).  I also had to order one piston, which I was blessed enough for Wisco Pistons to have one in stock.  I now have the rings and the new piston to go with my one new rod.  All of this, except the rings, was on the shelf, just waiting on me!

My eyes have been challenged with reading my measuring instruments. Even though I have digital instruments, I still have to use Snap Gauges to get the bearing measurements.  That is a real time consuming operation, but worth all the time.  Real machinist use a Dial Bore Gurage, which I own, but it is not working.  Too expensive to replace at this point. 

Seems like I am talking with Gary at IEP Warehouse, frequently, ordering from Summit and Jeg;s and other places much too often.  

I will measure the main bearings and trial fit the crank  next.  

June 30, 2021