Outlaw Tests During Fathers Day Race At SCR – 6/19/21

Outlaw had the Camaro out for it’s first two passes since the rebuild. It ran very well and impressed a lot of people. I was very happy that things went so well. All we left the track on the “To Do” list was, fine tune the carburetor jets and check the fuel delivery. After a good shutdown and tow back to the pits, the plugs were checked and looked good, but a bit too lean. This is an easy fix. The car went straight on both passes. Our prayers were answered! Thank God!

Outlaw Ready To Run

Mr. Skip Engine Update

With many things going on last week, I did not accomplish anything on the engine except order a few things to make assembly easier and measuring easier.  The piston has not arrived, plus a few other minor things.  


Fathers Day  Impressive Pro Mods

I always love to see the local Pro Mod racers put on a show.  That alone is worth the price of admission.  I did not get a photo of Pizza Joe’s “Southern Fried Rat,  but it was very nice.  New body and new paint job (alt least to me).  The other car that was impressive was the blue Camaro below, with the Pro Charger.  The did not give times, but his first pass had to be at least a 3.95 second pass or better!.  I asked the owner about the upturned headers coming out of  the fender wells.  He said the car use to do 100 ft. wheelies before they turned the pipes up.  Now it stays on the ground and makes straight passes.  

Impressive Pro Mod

June 22, 2021