Fed Ex delivers on Sunday!

The new Moroso oil pan arrived Sunday. It is beautiful!  I just happened to have the block on the stand and was able fit it on right away. So far, the only interference is the starter. Just one corner of the starter block hits the corner of  one weld on the corner of the pan. To avoid a leak, I will grind the corner of the starter block. The pan has six(6) blind attaching access holes to bolt the pan to the block using studs. My old pan had four(4). Moroso sells a magnetized T-handle wrench to install them. I use to install mine using a special welded socket  and extension that I would put RTV in the socket to hold the nut. Lost a few nuts over the years.

Looking at the weather for the weekend, we have to pray real hard for Louisiana, Texas and the whole Gulf Coast. I have decided to be a spectator and Crew Chief for Outlaw.

I am moving at snails pace on my engine. I have used a tap to chase about 75% of the bolt holes in the block.I have measured all of the pistons to get ready for piston-to- cylinder -wall clearance. I am using all the digital measuring instruments that I invested in in 2018 for the last rebuild.  I do not have that custom set of rings yet.

Saturday, I took a trip too Harbor Freight. I have a Love – Hate relationship with our local store. I needed a new piston for my engine hoist. It cost $74.99. When I left the store, I had spent $150.00. It happens each time I go Lin there.

I have been very busy the past two days. We are getting new flooring in three bedrooms, I also have an afternoon doctors appointment. Lots of things are conspiring to slow my progress on the engine. It will be interesting to see what the new engine will run on 8 cylinders, instead of seven.

June 14, 2021