Spent the day sown at Joe Lewis’ Automotive working on Outlaw’s dual carburetor setup. One is bad enough, but two? Anyway, the problem was gas dripping inside the venture, and one of the accelerator pump arms had too much bend in it. We got both problems solved, with a little help from Slim Davis helping to assemble and disassemble several times. Nothing is easy to reach on a duel carb. setup.
After 3+ hours of working to stop leaks nd drips, we finally got everything in tip top condition. We used two new sets of gaskets, tried 3 metering blocks and other parts for those two carburetors.
When we finally got all of hat fixed, Outlaw started the engine. It ran just as smooth. After a short warm-up, we revved it up and checked the carbs. for response. It was great! Starts easy, sounds really great. Even had that little rhythm sound that says, I have been Super Tuned!
When the rain stops, we will be at the front of the line to get into the track for Test & Tune to get ready for Fathers Day!

June 5, 2021