New Block (if the shortage let’s us find one)

I have decided to purchase a new, Dart Big M Block. Our problem is, locating one during this time of shortage around the USA. I will use my rotating assembly, after correcting whatever the problem is with #5, and everything else is checked. Whatever is needed, I will purchase.

The heads have not been checked yet. They are backed up at the Head Shop.

When I decided to take the engine down, I crossed off Fathers Day. Outlaw should be up and running by then, so I will still feel like I will have a good time at the race.

I started ordering and purchasing parts for the rebuild. Some things cannot be obtained until I get the block.

Church Projects

A lot of my time is being spent on a little building, painting, and renovation project at the church. Double D Electric (Dave Walker) is installing a Security Camera System and some more LED lighting fixtures. We are upgrading our outdated receptacles in all of our office spaces. The Geek Squad is doing some computer and printer networking.

Resting and Workouts

Barbara and I have had both Covid-19 Shots, but we have still been playing it safe and not going out to eat. We order and pick up a lot.

The VA is providing Physical Therapy for my back and upper thigh problems. I work-out once per week and have work-outs at home the other 4-5 days.

I take some time and clean some parts when I get bored.

I have listened to several talking books since the Pandemic hit, mostly auto business and racing related. A few were political. My book site is;, and my learning website is; Linkedin, formally,

I took the time to learn WordPress, a web site builder and text editor that I do not have to learn HTML.

New Website

I am having this website,, converted to WordPress. The site will be secure, and will be accessed by the old URL or,

This has been a very long, drawn out project. To cut the time required to complete the conversion, I have cut out all photos and video that was posted prior to 2015. You will be able to access the early photos and video for a few more days  Copy what you want, quick. I wish I could say a firm date…

May 13, 2021

Alvin Calhoun of “Calhoun Custom Porting” passed away today

Alvin will be missed by all of the racing community. Alvin owned and operated, for ten years, one of the few 5 angle CNC machines in the Baton Rouge Area. He was an outstanding head porting man, both manual and by machine.

May 3, 2021