Status Report

I have not heard anything from the machine shop about my heads or the status of my new Big M block. I do not have time to work on it now anyway.

The small church project is turning into a large project. Since I am not a carpenter, I make a lot of mistakes, that I go back and redo multiple times until I get it right. Then there is the the printer ink spills on the plywood. The ink bled through my paint job, and I had to go back and seal the plywood. The secretary did not like the paint color and lucky for her, I had to do the sealing. Now I am going to let her choose a new paint color. I hope to be done this coming week. 

Outlaw is close to having his engine complete. After it comes off the Dyno machine, we will be concentrating on getting the engine installed and tested at the track before the Fathers Day race.

May 22, 2021