As We Say In The Nuclear Industry, “What Is The Root Cause?”

I took a good look at the rod bearings and #5 does have slight indication of abnormal wear on one edge. A second problem with the same rod, the rod will not slip back and forth on the piston pin, although the piston will rock freely. The rod may be bent.

I called WISCO Pistons, they will sell me one piston. I would get a new set of 8 rods.

I should get a larger set of pistons to make up for the increased weight of the Big M Block. CID TBD.

I talked with my consultation team, Reggie Jackson, Van Johnson and Kevin “Outlaw” Gray and Crew Chief – Barbara Holbert, about all of the above. All agree on building the new engine. Size and selection of internals being the only things to decide.

Blast From The Past

I had an email from an old friend, Wallace Keese, now working as an Administrator at Fort Valley State University in Georgia. It was great to hear form my old friend, Wallace.

Back in the 90’s, Wallace and I shared driving duties in my original “Masterpiece” 67 Camaro with SBC 383 CID engine. Wallace was an excellent driver, going to the winners circle and some top 4 finishes in Super Pro.

April 29, 2021