On My Retirement Budget

Nothing can be decided until the engine is out and the rods and pistons are out. I have to inspect the pistons for damage and the crank for damage. The crank and rods must be sent out for inspection and reconditioning.

I have been looking at a new short-block, but I may have some salvageable parts that may offset some of that cost. I might just need a new block. I have all but deleted the new rotating assembly. for the reason mentioned above. If I need a new crank, and, I know I need a new block, that may sway me to get the new Dart Big M Gen VI short-block.

The current thinking is, a new block, use the good parts that I have after inspection, assemble and go racing! This will, most likely, be my path to getting back on track as cheap as possible. Now if I hit the lottery…

April 25, 2021