I Want Some “Big Boy Toys”

I did the 2nd Leak Down Test, the results were not that much better. After squirting the 30W oil in, the percentage came up too 60%. Still very much out of the good zone. I will take the engine out and see what is going on with #5 cylinder.

I want to upgrade. It is a matter of how much money I want to spend. I would like to have a new block, Dart Big M, Gen VI. I am done with the problems of the GM Bowtie Gen IV block that I have now.

My Rods and Pistons are less than 3 years old. The crank was turned too .020″/.020″ at the same time. The crank is the 2-piece seal type, so I would need an adapter, and a new oil pan.

I would love to build an engine that would run comfortable under 5.50 sec. in the 1/8 mile. That is my goal. 

April 19, 2021