We Gave It A Try!

Overnight deliveries, staying up until late at night and fighting off little things that popped up, but we were close. The bad weather forecast prompted SCR to close the track for the whole weekend anyway, so we did not miss anything.  

Once the hose was installed, I checked for leaks and we had 3 leaks. One from the pump discharge fitting, and two off the outlets of the regulator going to the carburetor. I used liquid Teflon to stop the regulator leaks.  Outlaw came over and tightened the fitting at he pump outlet and the leak check was complete. 

The Flow Test was next.  I called Reggie Jackson and Outlaw and we took our stations.  I operated the stopwatch, Outlaw watched the 1 gallon bottle and Reggie controlled the fuel pump switch. We needed to pump one gallon in less than 11 seconds.  We got 10.14 seconds!  I completed clamping down the hose . 

I attempted to set the regulator pressure but one of the meddle and seats were not holding and we put a lot of fuel in the engine.  I pulled all the plugs, spun the engine and got the gas out of the cylinders. I changed the oil.  While the plugs were out, I checked the gaps and cleaned all plugs.  

I set up to check all the valve lash settings.  I had two valves that were very loose and two that were tight, but not by much.  I did something wrong when I set them before the last time out.  

I am going to run a Leak Down Check and a Compression Check next.  We will get ready for the Test & Tune on April 16th if those two checks come out all right. 

April 10, 2021