At A Standstill

I talked to Magnafuel today, my pump is “next” in line and they will call me with a bottom line price on Thursday. When have I heard that in the past?

I am not going to do anything else until the pump comes back. I need the pump mounted so I can get an exact fit on the hose and cut it correct.

I did get the new hose, and put one 45 degree AN-10 fitting on it. This hose is much harder to get the fittings started than the hose I sent back! The problem is the nylon braid on the outside of this hose. It is very nice looking, very flexible, but you need a very thin layer of tape to get it into the AN fitting. Black electrical tape is too thick, at least the tape I am using.

The PTFE hose was smooth and stiff on the outside and much smaller, making it easier to get into the fitting (Reminder: PTFE hose takes a PTFE fitting). The hard part of making up the PTFE hose, is the ID of the hose is very tight and is hard to get started. This may not be the case if I used the correct PTFE fitting.

Maybe someone will tell me there is a special fitting for nylon braided hose!

If It’s not one thing, it’s another!

March 31, 2021