So Much For "Guilty Pleasures"


The Tech. Specialist talked me out of the PTFE fuel line hose because the rating for pressure is way above what I need, and the recommended hose is compatible with all types of race fuels and Methanol that I might use. It is also three times less expensive.
I will still have black hose that will look good. I will not have to use special fittings with this hose. The hose uses normal AN fittings.
The hose has not arrived yet, but I hope it is more flexible than the PTFE hose I returned. It is really stiff, as others have pointed out. Sometimes you read bad reviews and find the people are wrong. Sometimes they are correct, but you can work around the problem or you don’t have the same situation. With the stiff PTFE hose, you may have to use a 90 degree fitting and not a straight or a 45 degree fitting to make the hose work.
Years ago, I read an article that said not to use a fitting with more than 45 degrees bend. It would restrict flow. This may not be true today. I saw some 120 and 180 degree hose fittings in the book. If you use them, I recommend doing a flow and volume test to make sure you an have adequate supply of fuel.

March 28. 2021