Better Safe Than Sorry

While waiting on the fuel pump to come back from overhaul, I decided to change the fuel lines. After the long idle period in 2020, I may be pressing my luck on the old braided fuel lines in the car. I put them in there in 2007, when the pump was new. I have had fuel line go bad on me in the past and it never happens at a good time.

I looked up the Black PTFE, AN-10 line that I needed and after I got up off the floor, I went ahead and ordered it. Sometime you just want to enjoy some guilty pleasure’s. I also got the black fittings that will make it look good. I already have the black carburetor, black fuel regulator and black headers. More guilty pleasures…

When the line and fittings came in, I tried to put one of the AN-10 fittings on the line. It was super tight!. I measured, used lubricant, made sure I had ordered correct, looked at some YouTube video on fuel line assembly of PTFE hose and decided to try again. It was very hard, but I finally got the fitting on.

I have to wait on the pump to arrive before I cut the line and put the final AN fitting on. This PTFE line, at least the type I purchased, is very stiff and will not take very sharp bends. Somewhere I read it will only take a 30 degree bend.  I only have one sharp bend, at the outlet of the fuel pump, but a 45 degree AN-10 fitting will take care of that.

I should have the pump back in about 7-9 days. Until then, I will make-up the two hoses for the outlets of  the fuel regulator, up to the carburetor.

March 24, 2021

Update 3/25/21: I have looked at another hose assembly video and I may have used the wrong fittings with this PTFE hose.  I noted in the YouTube video, there are special PTFE fittings that go with the PTFE hose.   I have to do some more research. Although my hose is AN-10 and my fittings are AN-10.  

March 25, 2021