Do you have foam in your fuel cell? How long has it been in there? You need to inspect and if necessary, change it. Clean your fuel cell and filter! You also need a good fuel filter before the pump and after the pump.

It is a wonder my car was going down the track at all, with all the foam that had clogged the outlet hose of the fuel cell and fuel filter. That distance is about 2 ft. on my car, and it was packed with foam. On my car, the filter is the big integrated filter/pump configuration from MagnaFuel, ProStar 500, Model 4450.

The fuel system, with the exception of the fuel regulator, has been operating for well over 12 years without a problem. I have put 2 new (MagnaFuel) regulators in the system when I had fuel pressure fluctuation problems.

Before I discovered the foam in the system, I called MagnaFuel Tech. Dept. and talked to a Tech. Rep., “Daniel”. After I explained my “noise”, he said it was bearings on the pump and I should send it back to them for a free labor tune-up.

MagnaFuel recommends a factory re-fresh about every 3 racing seasons. I will have to pay about $60.00 for parts, plus shipping. Labor is free. They will also refurbish my old regulator. The turn-around time is approx. 2 weeks. I put my pump and one old regulator in the mail today.

I did not bother to test my system for the “noise” after I found the foam in the fuel cell and lines at the entry of the fuel pump and in the filter.

I may be able to run at SCR on April 10th in the points race.

Between now and them, I will clean my system, and order some new foam for the fuel cell. I am told the foam protects the car in case of a direct hit during a collision.

My fuel cell is in the rear of the car and should have a very low chance of being hit directly in a collision so I may leave it out. People running their fuel cells in the front of the car, should always use the foam inside the fuel cell.

March 17, 2021