Mr Skip is going to SCR this weekend. Friday looks like a washout but Sat. & Sunday look very good.
Started the car Thursday, charged batteries, checked under the hood and put air in all of the tires. The oil was changed a few months ago and the car has been on jack stands.
Getting everything ready for the track means safety items and pit items, such trailer tires, greasing trailer hubs and checking all the lights and hook- up or tow hitch. After sitting for 8 months, everything needed some attention. My trailer is 22 years old and the outside looks like it. It is almost impossible to find a painter that can accommodate a trailer in a paint booth. I will have to get a “Wrap”to make it look good again.

The pit motorcycle was very hard to start. It finally got running, btu would not idle when off the choke. Outlaw is coming over to give me a hand with it. If you remember, I put a replacement carburetor on it last year. It has not run since then. I drained all gas and ran it till it ran out of gas when I put it up.

The generator gave me hell, but finally started, after I cleaned the spark plug and drained the gas from the carburetor and lines. 

finally, the air shifter bottle connection for the shifter supply was bad and had to be replaced. That was not the only air leak. The line going to the shifter was leaking too. Things just do not want to sit idle. 

We will make an easy pass to make sure nothing else needs work. I really do not like working on the car at the track.

 I feel like the car should run some quicker numbers now that a few ailments were fixed, and some improvements were made, during the shutdown. We shall see.