Month: March 2021

The Bottom Line On Fuel Line Hose

So Much For “Guilty Pleasures”   The Tech. Specialist talked me out of the PTFE fuel line hose because the rating for pressure is way above what I need, and the recommended hose is compatible with all types of race fuels and Methanol that I might use. It is also three times less expensive. I […]
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I Made A Mistake On Hose Type

After thinking about the hose overnight, I called the Pro Shop at Summit Racing and they said I had the incorrect PTFE hose. As luck, or blessings, would have it, I had not cut the hose and they will take it back. They are sending me the correct hose, which I already have the correct […]
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Changing Fuel Lines Too PTFE Lines

Better Safe Than Sorry While waiting on the fuel pump to come back from overhaul, I decided to change the fuel lines. After the long idle period in 2020, I may be pressing my luck on the old braided fuel lines in the car. I put them in there in 2007, when the pump was […]
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Conversation With An Old Friend

In between runs at State Capitol Raceway on Friday night, I talked to Attorney Robert Randolph of Baton Rouge, LA. He and I have been friends for well over 20 years, but I had not seen him for a very long time. Robert was the person that showed me the advantages of the Digital Camera […]
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Friday Night At State Capitol Raceway

We decided to go and get some seat time in during competition on Friday night. It had rained on Thursday night and the track had to be dried and prepared. This was actually a good thing, as we needed to see how the car would react on a not so good track. We made two […]
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Back In The Shop

We decided to do the following; Check all of the plugs again. Set all valves. Change the oil and filter. After the two excellent runs on Sunday, we did not want to change anything in the suspension at this point. I had asked Outlaw if the engine was making the “musical valve sound” on the […]
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