The best thing about the year was, we did not break anything! We always say, “If we come home with nothing too fix, it was a good trip to the track”. Everything is working on the race car!

The Covid-19 Pandemic was the cause of us not coming to the track after Fathers Day, except for one short testing session in June. We observed a lot of things that told us, we should not be at the track. Most people did not have masks, and no social distancing was being practiced. Not the environment for an 82 year old man with many other conditions to deal with.

I found a lot of savings while not going to the track. No racing fuel to purchase, no admissions or entry fees, no food, parts and all the other expenses that go along with racing.

The down side was, we really enjoy our trips to the track. Talking with friends, seeing the new innovation that the racers have come up with, competition in our class (Top Doorslammer and Super Pro) and the good food from Na-New and Young-Blood’s HOT neck-bones, corn and other goodies). The occasional trip too another track and trying to make my car quicker, more consistent. And of course, trying to be a winner and get that Money Sticker!

I have been around racing since I was a little boy in Daytona Beach, Florida. If it was not Stock Car Racing, it was Motorcycles Racing. After I joined the Navy, I was introduced to Drag Racing and that was the start of a long love affair with drag cars.

Never been much of a fan of Dragsters, sorry Reggie, just door-cars. Dragsters have a big advantage in drag racing, so I do get a special “High” when I beat one of them, but I would not drive or own one. I could give several reasons to own and drive a dragster, but not for me.

The classes I love most are, Super Stock, Top Sportsman and Comp. Eliminator in NHRA racing. Bracket Racing, where I compete, is fun to run in, but those other three classes are the best, to me.

I hope the Covid Vaccine works and we can all get back to normal. As a Navy veteran and being in the high risk category, I was offered the shot by the VA. I have agreed to take the shot when it gets to my group. They have not set up a time and date, but I am ready! I pray that this Pandemic gets out of here and the year 2021 is much better.